(Elena: Whew!  I’m glad you boys made it back on time!  I know how good the food at T’s can be, so I was worried you’d order way too much and get back too late for the show.  If you had done that, I would’ve had to have gotten desperate and retrieve someone drastic to fill your spot in this game.)

(Charis: Do tell.)

(Vahnna: You’re getting too close to my face.  Please back up the camera.)

(Elena: Ignoring that, we reach the point in the game where we tell you a truth that may break your hearts, audience.)

(Vahnna: That I’m leaving as soon as the game is over?  I mean, you bring me on here against my will and introduce me to these hunks, only to tell me they’ll all taken anyway.  I’m getting too old for stuff like this.)

(Elena: Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy; calm down, my new friend.  I know you’ve been through quite a lot lately, but do relax and enjoy the vacation, dear.  The heartbreaking secret is that you, audience members, have not been following the story of our two daughters we introduced at the start of the game.  At some point, you actually started watching another storyboard’s version of those two, and that storyboard turned out to belong to the Elena and Charis that sent us Tommy and Mike to use in this game show.  I highly appreciate our alter ego cousins.)

(Charis: Family can be so helpful!)

(Elena: So then, let’s welcome back the rest of the audience who made different choices and sum up this story so our contestants can go home.)

-I was tricked?!-

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