(Sieben: Hey, I remember seeing all that on the way here!)

(Elena: And I remember the conversation we all had on the way, with you starting to list off all the things you’d like in a future queen to have ruling by your side.)

(Charis: If you weren’t about twice Katie’s age, as well as from a specific point in Storyboard XII history, I might consider hooking you up with her, but that’d have to wait until after she’s not stuck in the grave because of a barnyard bully.)

(Elena: Charis, you crack me up sometimes.  Correction, you crack me up most of the time.  Oh well, let’s keep this romance moving.  I wonder what lucky young, or older, woman will meet you some day, Sieben.  Too bad I don’t specifically know who it is from reading your history before picking you for utter humor.  Pff!  Ha ha!)

(Charis: Next chapter, Hyperdrive.  Your wife disturbs me.)

-Yes, please!-

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