(Charis: I still can’t believe Sieben actually stuck with us.  He’ll be a great addition to the team, especially considering he didn’t die on the way home like two delinquent daughters I know.)

(Elena: You’re still mad about that, huh?  Ha ha!  I thought they were uuber responsible girls.  One little death makes them rebels?)

(Charis: Grr!  I guess I am being a little harsh, but come on, dying to a cow?!  Boy, do I have a beef with them when they get back.  Please continue the story so I can calm down.)

(Elena: So, as you can see, we happened to take a wrong turn ourselves and ended up swinging by Greco Romana’s place.  What are the odds of that?  While we just so happened to be there, I made it a point to beg Romi for one of her salads to make up for a little mishap with my bestie from yesterday.  Understandably, Greco wasn’t keen on doing the dishes all alone on top of fixing unexpected guests food, but when I volunteered to quickly swap places while she fulfilled my request, she gladly obliged.)

(Charis: No way!  Are you serious?!  I didn’t notice you swapping to do any dishes!  That was super quick!  Talk about Lightspeed Lab!)

(Elena: So, is this surprise I picked up for you a good way of apologizing?)

(Charis: You got me another salad!  B-but Elena, you asked me if you could have that other one.  I was the goober who made the mistake.)

(Elena: Yeah, but you’re my pal, and I know how much garden leaves mean to you, so I couldn’t resist.)

(Charis: Awwwww!!!  You’re the best friend a salad-lover could ask for!  Now, on with the show!)

-Run, Sieben, while you still can!-

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