(Elena: Thank you, my handsome Hyper Husband.  Guys, we’re halfway through the story.)

(Charis: Why does Elena get away with calling you Hyper Husband as an official name while Katie refuses to be called Constellation Kate?  Maybe that’s why she died.)

(Hyper: Do I recall a collection of comments regarding my supper being burned?)

(Charis: Oh, fair point.  So, what’s Sieben’s backstory again?  Does he have a princess threatening the quality of his dining choices?)

(Elena: No, his story is that he just won the election to be the next in line for the crown.  You see, even though his country is a monarchy, they hold an election to determine which child, regardless of age order, will be the next to take the throne.  Then again, it was a democracy until recent, so I may need to fact check to make sure this election thing starts with him and not the generation afterwards.  NAH, it’s not relevant to my plans, so there’s that.)

(Charis: No Charis, this is why Katie died.)

(Elena: Hey!  That’s not fair.  ANYway, due to his royal obligations back home, Sieben started to doubt whether it would be a wise use of time to stay here when he had a kingdom to inherit.  So, do you think he had the audacity to skip out on us, or do you think he told that nation to hold their horses because I was in the middle of saying something?)

-You’re odd.  He went home.  I know I would’ve.-

-Why not?  He stayed for the game show.-

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