(Charis: This handsome gentleman is the substitute we chose.)

(Travis: Is he now?)

(Charis: Oh, Travis, he he!  He’s handsome, but not nearly as much as you.)

(Elena: This is Prince Sieben of…dun, dun, dun…Celron of Storyboard XII.  Yes, I know that you’ve no idea what that means, but you will look back at this one day and realize the major danger I just put us all in by choosing this guy from System Guard history.)

(Charis: Life as we know it is now hanging in the balance, because Elena likes putting everyone on edge…every. day. of our lives.)

(Elena: You say that like it’s a bad thing.)

(Charis: I don’t mind our houses being connected by a common living room, meaning I have to vacuum the carpet when Hyper forgets to clean up after his sports games, and I adore transforming it into a game show studio for today, but Elena dear, did you have to take my last Greco Romana salad out of the fridge yesterday? 😭)

(Elena: I didn’t see that one coming.  Hon, I asked you before taking it, and you said I could have it.)

(Charis: Wait; I remember this. 😭😭😭  I thought you were asking something about the Greco Romana coming to visit us.  I didn’t realize you were talking about my salad in the fridge.  I’m so sorry for jumping on youuuuuu!)

(Hyper: So, Prince Sieben was recruited for the game, being informed of what was to come.  Somehow, he made the brave decision to be a part of this drama we call fun.)

(Elena: Drama?)

(Charis: I say we fire him.)

(Elena: Say hi to the fans, Sieben.)

(Sieben: It is a privilege to meet you all.)

-Nice to meet you, Sieben!-

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