(Elena: Right, that’s who had whom.  Now, because Katie was the leader of this duo, she got the two of them killed.  Yep, just like that, our main characters of the story just died.  They were visiting poorly drawn cows when this work of art behind Charis came in to cause trouble and vanquished our daughters.)

(Charis: Oh, I was furious, but not at the bovine.  Our girls knew better, and you had better believe they were getting a lecture when they got back.)

(Elena: You see, since we System Guards are just thoughts, we can be recalled just like you can recall old thoughts you want to bring back.  Though, to keep within some facade of physics, kind of, we have the techno-jargon handheld gadget called the Time Device which can be used to bring back old PACs–that stands for Partially Autonomous Cerebrial Programs, which we are–from our cyberspace recycle bin called the Drawing Board.)

(Charis: Get it?  Because when we ideas get scrapped, we go back to the Drawing Board.  *Ahem*)

(Elena: Yes, quite.  As I was saying, it is no big deal to bring the girls back, but we won’t just let their bully be taken out by someone else.  They have to clean up their own mess, so I’m going to get a substitute for our little game, but Mr. Bully Bull in the background will have to wait a while before Lu Lu and Katie come back to play.)

(Charis: This audience is so confused at us.  I just know it, he he!)

(Elena: Technically, I have to confess I had intended on bringing our substitute to help the girls with their failed mission, but when I got the idea for this game show, I just had to throw him there instead.  Lu and Kat will be fine.)

-So, who was the substitute?-

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