(Elena: We did it!  We convinced a king-to-be that this leisurely household activity was actually more important than the future of his own nation!  I feel so accomplished, like we did something useful for society!  Those streets will be safe for little children again soon enough, I bet!)

(Charis: I bet.)

(Elena: And thus, we reach the end of the story as Sieben gladly takes his place alongside his new companions.)

(Travis: I hope that, in doing so, he’ll remember he’s old enough to be Kate’s father.)

(Charis: Ha ha!  Oh my.)

(Hyper: Congratulations for reaching the end of the story, but I have to level with you guys.  For real, you veered off course.  This wasn’t the backstory of Lu Lu and Katie.  You were reading the backstory of how we got Sieben involved, having him brought here with the help of another Elena and Charis from a similar storyboard.  Nice try though.)

(Elena: Are you confused?  Are you disappointed?  Let’s regroup with the other audience members who made different choices to explain everything in the conclusion of this maze.)

-So, I didn’t beat the game?!-

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