(Lu: Aye!  Did ye think I’d jis leave ye tae rot like some bunch of moldy rat food?)

(Elena: ‘Ey!  Don’t be mocking your less fortunate alter egos, young lady.)

(Lu: Sorry, had to reference the native dialect before the audience forgets where I come from.  Besides, Radical Rat Food knows we love her all the same.  I should totally visit her after the game is over.)

(Charis: So, did you enjoy this little exchange between mother and daughter?  My child had something much kinder to say.  She handed me a new salad to make up for the one that my dear friend ate yesterday.)

(Elena: After you told me I could.)

(Charis: After my good girl gave me my lunch, I ate it that instant…with the container…in one gulp.)

(Elena: Security at its finest.)

(Katie: I was scared for my life, to be honest.)

(Charis: *Ahem* Back to the point, we told the girls of our game show idea, and they were all for it.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go vacuum.  This is the point in the backstory where we begin getting things ready for hosting everyone in our transformed living room.  Ooooo, prequel!)

(Elena: Travis, please don’t ever let her gulp a whole salad like that again.  It’s makes her even stranger than usual.)

-She didn’t even have salad dressing!-

-What?  No croutons?-

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