(Elena: You’re halfway done with the story already?!  Well then.  So, the girls left.)

(Charis: And whose girl got whose girl lost on the way back?)

(Elena: Details.  You know, I cheer for your girl, braggart.)

(Charis: Eh….😳)

(Elena: Ha ha!  While this guilty goofball rethinks her wording, I’ll continue with the next part of the story.)

(Charis: Raspberries!)

(Elena: Even so, after taking an unintended detour by our fellow System Guards’ neck of the woods, Lu Lu and Katie Scott eventually return to our locale.  Of course, this then brings us to basically present day, like that matters where we are.)

(Charis: Our house is literally in the empty nothingness between storyboards because there are no taxes here.)

(Hyper: The lawn’s a pain to mow.)

(Travis: Ha ha!  Nice one.)

(Elena: I’m ignoring that.  Okay, it was funny, he he!  Now, let’s get to the next page before this scene reminds someone about her salad she thinks I stole after clearly asking her about it yesterday.)

(Charis: Oh, yeah! 😠)

-Hurry, and turn the page!-

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