(Elena: So, there’s not much else to say about that adventure.  Our girls saved those animal people, and that made them barnyard heroes.  Mayor Pig even held a feast in their honor, though judging from the size of that pig, I think this was just an excuse for an extra meal, ha ha!)

(Charis: Hey, don’t be rude to Mayor Pig.)

(Lu: Yeah, he was a nice guy, even if he was a bit of a ham with the jokes.)

(Elena: As you can see, the folks of that universe got along so well with these ladies, those inhabitants begged them to stay as their protectors from now until the end of time.  Do you think the girls accepted this request?)

(Katie: I think I know the answer.)

(Lu: You should, seeing it was your history.)

-They stayed-

-They came home-

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