(Elena: Oh, look at you!)

(Charis: Yeppy, peppy!  I adopted Katie, making her the second Katie Scott in Elena’s life.)

(Elena: …. I’ll get you for that.)

(Charis: I kind of forgot that detail when adopting her.  Please don’t be angry with me and burn your husband’s dinner. 😅)

(Hyper: Hey, wait a second!)

(Elena: MOOving on before I hurt someone, we have our kind and definitely-not-cruel-backstabbing girls here helping some precious, poorly drawn livestock people who were invaded by better drawn critters who wanted to take over this storyboard just because they looked more realistic.  How racist!)

(Charis: For cows.)

(Elena: Well, Lu Lu and Katie gave the bullies a good lecture and sent them home to rethink their lives.  After this, what happened next?)

-Why are you asking me?  You’re the hostess!-

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