(Elena: I’m glad you volunteered for this lesson!)

(Hyper: You’re, uh, quite excited about this.)

(Elena: Let’s say you’re chuggin’ along on the train of time.  Toot, toot!  Suddenly, whether from your careless observation skills or from Charis’ joking nature, you accidentally take the left turn you see in the picture, thus going back in time.  For keeping it simple, we’ll say that coming back to the main track and going on represents you not tampering with time and returning to the present.  However, if Charis is a pranking punk and pulls the switch to keep you trapped in the circle, you will then be stuck in a time loop of, say, accidentally kicking your mother’s vase into the river, thus making you go back in time to see what happened to it, only to accidentally kick it in the river.  You’ll be stuck in this loop until Charis affects it from the outside.  Time loops don’t create themselves.  They are the result of an original timeline being changed to a new cause-and-effect cycle that will continue until something else comes along to set things right.)

(Charis: Well spoken.)

(Hyper: I hope.)

(Elena: Maybe I’ll go back in time and burn your supper if you keep that attitude, my love.  Oh, by the way, audience, I am the one who adopted Lu, right?  Charis adopted Katie, making her Katie Scott.  Am I saying that right, or am I getting confused which couple adopted which girl?)

-Elena and Hyper adopted Lu Lu.  Charis and Travis adopted Katie.-

-Elena and Hyper adopted Katie.  Charis and Travis adopted Lu Lu.-

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