(Charis: Don’t worry; we won’t judge you, regardless of what you said.)

(Elena: Now, once the culture shock wore off, the girls instantly loved every minute of their new lives and grew into capable System Guards familiar with traversing storyboards like kids used to be able to walk up and down the streets alone before society in general kind of changed all that.)

(Charis: Elena, I hope your implicit rant on the state of public safety didn’t confuse your intended analogy.  Anyway, audience, you all can tell from the picture that the witty girls even enjoy dressing in ways to reference the potential descendants their other-storyboard alter egos will have, depending on which universe you’re dealing with.  Then again, the way Lu had us style her hair when she first joined kind of reminds me of when Kina first became a hero in the Starter Key game.  Weird.)

(Lu: I’m weird, am I?)

(Elena: Yes.)

(Charis: At any rate, our plan was to raise the girls and let them start the official System Guards in their own universe, but in the modern era, meaning they’ll be beautiful young things while Lu’s evil sisters will be long dead and gone.  Nowadays, our terrific two are Lunar Luann and Constellation Kate!)

(Kate: No, no, I’m not.  He he!  I told you how I feel about that silly name.  Oh well, can’t have the audience thinking I’m disrespectful.)

(Elena: Disrespectful?  Katie, you and Lu are very responsible girls, and it makes me feel honored to watch you go on your adventures all the time.  I’ve got you, my girls, the privilege of watching Charis’ Maria and the eventual additional treat of watching the Rug kids do their thing.  Oh!  I just can’t wait to met them!)

(Lu: You mean meet them.)

(Elena: Oh no, honey, it hasn’t happened yet from the audience’s perspective.)

(Lu: Ha ha!  That’s rich.  Just don’t get too crazy with that excitement.  We wouldn’t want to accidentally create the old, “I was so inspired, I went back in time only to discover I helped start the thing I went back in time to learn about” nonsense.)

(Elena: Ah, time loops.  Audience, some of you may not know how time loops actually work, at least for us here.  Want me to explain them?)

-Yes, please ex– –

-No, I think I’m goo– –

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