(Elena: And there you have it!  Our wonderful daughters got to participate in this great game of grocery greatness, meeting these four faces of fun in the process!)

(Charis: Don’t they just look so very happy to be helping us today.)

(Vahnna: You’re doing it on purpose.  You know I agreed to only so many close-ups during this game.)

(Elena: Did we agree to this?  That’s the key question.)

(Charis: Considering we’ve still got to tell your story, dear, there’s not much point in being all secretive.  Don’t worry; we won’t say what we shouldn’t.  He he!)

(Lu Lu: So, does that mean our story is over?  Did we win anything?)

(Katie: I’m just glad we survived.  I mean, I know all we’ve done is stand at this booth and introduce ourselves, but I somehow feel this could have been a much more dangerous process if something had gone wrong.  Oh well, I’m glad whatever it was didn’t happen.)

(Elena: Oh no, honey, you were perfectly safe, which is rare, I know.  It’s the attention span of the audience I was worried about this whole time.  Now, speaking of you adorable helpers in the real-world, I actually have a secret for you.  Are you ready?  *Whispers* You actually finished the game with a perfect score.)

(All except Vahnna: Gasp!)

(Vahnna: *Cough* Yeah, gasp.)

(Charis: Ironically, it’s because you won that you probably don’t even realize what you could have done to lose, but we’ll explain on the next page, seeing how we want to give the other audience members a chance to join us again, mwahaha!  Not everyone made it to this point the intended way, I’m sure.)

-Yay!  I won?-

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