(Elena: It all started back in a humble orphanage located somewhere in the land of Scotland.)

(Lu: Yeah, that’s not me.)

(Katie: Now, we’re talking!)

(Elena: While poor Rue Patterson had her whole nightmare to go through, our wonderful Luann was much more fortunate with who decided to adopt her before her sisters could give her the torture routine you read about in Little Deli Island.  Luann was adopted by time-travelers, AND her friend Katherine was as well, just so Lu would have someone to grow up with!)

(Charis: Mind you, this was long after my daughter Maria Scott and Elena’s trio of girls were all grown up with adventures of their own.  We decided it was time to help someone else out.)

(Elena: Indeed!  Now, let’s put all this Rue Patterson stuff behind us and focus on a completely different girl.  You ready?)

(Hyper: Okay, you can be honest.  You’re a bit confused, aren’t you?)

-Yes, very!-

-I actually think I got it!-

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