There we were, our world in need, our hopes dashed, our stomachs empty, our pockets too full of cash, our budgets too well-groomed to have any potential threats to overcome…and then…these happy few stepped into our lives.

(Elena: HELLO!  Rockin’ this stylish pink dress, I’m your hostess Elena, and this is Storyboard Shopping!)

(Hyper: And I’m her husband Hyperdrive.  Welcome to the show.  What’s up, y’all?)

(Elena: Behind us stand our lovely little low-res lovelies that are eager to meet you all.  We have Charis and Travis Scott helping from the sides, as well as our wonderful guests who will be today’s contestants.  As you recall, the System is an imaginary world illustrated with various computer and writing themes in mind, and thus, while you real-worlders don’t have multiple universes, it’s very common for authors to have multiple versions of their stories, so our writer, called the System Director, organized his variations into what we call Storyboards.  I have recruited a special team to help us with a very special task that will save the world from coming to an end.  Let’s meet our crew.)

(Hyper: She says that, but will we actually meet them all before we’re done?  Mwahaha!)

(Elena: Hyper, I don’t know whether that was a shot at my attention span or a spoiler for our game format.  Either way, let’s start talking about the sweet Lady Lu Lu.  Click the highlighted response below to move to the next page.)


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