Sorry if you were getting used to the gothic look, but Kina had to get cleaned up to be rid of the influence of that suit and all, so please learn to adjust.  Oh!  And since it’s an imaginary story, Key is given a sword which kinda’ represents the Sword of the Spirit in this story because…plot, obviously.  Definitely don’t forget that last part, even though it rarely appears in the story, ha ha!  And now…about the bad guy.

    Here on the widescreen TV of the police station, we get a look at the evil scientist Victor Grille, who has a long record of experimenting on humans to make his own army of monsters with which he can conquer the world.  With the memory of his beloved mother Rebekah Transica as his inspiration, the disfigured genius has become even more dangerous with his discovery of the fictional state of this world and possibly how to harness the imaginary properties of the System.  Dat ain’t good.

-Let’s get him!-

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