Lucky for you, Kina’s input has us skipping to the enemy base.  Here, we are met by backup from the government.  It’s more helpful than it sounds.  On the left is the government spy (and ninja) codenamed Zombie.  With him are former victims of Grille’s experiments.  The blue guy is Sea Dude, theoretically now able to survive underwater.  The tiny trio are the Ragnerols, people made into a conglomeration of the fantasy folk like elves, dwarves, gnomes and trolls.  What a villain!!

    And in the background is the one and only Spectacular Woman, or Lady Spectacular as you may prefer, who is theoretically a superhero now.

With the team together, let’s start the actual mission, hahahahaha!!

-Go with Key-
-Go with Jackson-
-Go with Kina-
-Go with Molly-

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