Don’t worry; this is a part of the actual story, so you didn’t click the wrong choice.  Jackson and Molly haven’t really gotten to know each other up until now, so maybe this is good for them.  I mean, they’re around the same age and all, so who knows? Maybe they’ll be great friends…and then get ‘murried’ one day.  Well, if that wasn’t a subtle plot point!

    (Spoiler alert: five minutes after being in here, the two may or may not have just developed a huge mutual crush on each other because I guess I need some kind of romantic angle in at least one of my stories, right?)


    Don’t forget the ruffians who are also stuck in this caging conundrum!  Jared is disappointed in himself, as you can tell, while Benjamin is just ready for the guard to come back so the Ragnerol’s temper can be more useful to the team.  Poor Gwen just sits there, irritated with the two troublesome men.

-Wait to attack the guard-
-Wait for Key to rescue you-
-Figure a way out-

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