“Stop rubbing it in, G2,” she complains.  “They’ll be fine.  I’ll buy them soda later.  I mean, we have everything we need right?  We’re taking a break for a while, then we’ll be back with a simpler story setup in this new universe with 40 planets.  What will we call it, the Gracieverse, after all the grace the written series was about?  That said, Bite is AB’s granddaughter through Rowan Alexandre.  Greenlight is also AB’s, but through Melody Maxine.  Katherine Tracy is Keb’s granddaughter through Sanz, and Gammy is Zakura and Ben Chang’s daughter.  See?  Now, you girls have bios.”

    And I’ll also be rubbing in the fact you only had so many female costars because, this, like Duplica’s story, was supposed to be your time to shine.  Next time, we’re balancing things back out.

    “Pff,” she says, “there were plenty of guys in this episode, even if some of them got arrested.”

    “I knew it!” Keb shouts.

    “Men are more prone to get arrested?”  Blufie’s remark gets a high five from Cici.

    “No,” Keb says with an annoyed sigh, “not that.  I’m referring to the planets.  If we do ‘normal’ stories in the future, how are they going to be believable on an Earth called Misa?  We need a genuine planet called Earth.  For that matter, I’ve been debating on whether the setup would work better with forty worlds or fifty, and guess what.  Mercury through Planet X equals ten, as you recall.  If we just add those on, we’ll have fifty worlds, ten of which can be the go-tos when doing more realistic tales.”

    “I like it!” states AB.  “Sis, you’re a genius!”

    “My sisterly genius!” Missy agrees.

    “I’m so proud of you, wee one,” Cici declares.

    “So then,” AB concludes, drawing up a new schematic.  “we’ll add the ten classic solar system planets and rearrange the worlds from there.  I think we’ll relocate ‘System Guardia’ to the end and let that be our base, er something like that.  I think we’ll adjust the details as we go, but the important things are done.  But we still need a name.  Figs?”

    Caught red-handed, Keb takes a big gulp and says, “Yes?  Can’t I have one moment to nourish myself without you catching me off guard while I’m trying to snack?!”  Reaching in her newly noticed bag for more of her identified fruit, the agitated child says, “Well, captain, if you’re done interrogating me for simply trying to eat, we should figure out that name before this page ends.”

    AB thinks, but that’s when I unveil a surprise.  I actually thought of the new name a few days ago as I was working and just happened to look at the clock.  These 10 new worlds join our established 40, but they will still be kind of separate, since they are the classic worlds.  That means instead of the 50, they’ll be the 10/40.

    “Are…are you serious?” AB is once again floored.

    “That’s the number we’ve been trying to reach in the real world all these years,” adds Missy.

    “What a beautiful name,” James Scott speaks up from the crowd still nearby.

    “I love it!  That’s what we’ll call it,” declares Keb.  “Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Inner Man Theatre’s mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are going to call our new fictional universe the 10/40 Window, er something close to it.”

    And that’s that.  I’d add more to the ending, but we’re running short, and this may not even be the end to the story as we eventually return with a completely new setup at some point down the road.

    Until then, take the advice of AB, Missy, Keb, Cici, Fiona, MK, Duplica, Elfie, Gigi, Faye, Tiffany, Blufie, Fifi, Lu, Ru and so many others.  Follow Jesus Christ with all your heart.  Don’t compromise.  If you fall, get back up.  If it feels like your work is in vain, give that pain to Christ and refuse to give up.  Until the next time we meet, may you remember this one truth…Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters.

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