“Well, that was the best diet ever,” Blufie notices, holding her stomach.

    “Are you calling me fat, woman?” Volli asks.

    “Rude much,” Tonya says.  “I hope you don’t mind I took the cheesecake from ‘our’ stomach with me when we uncombined.  That might be the diet you’re feeling.”

    “I so didn’t need to hear that,” laments Fifi.

    Inspired, Kerry looks at her sister and says, “So, if you eat a bowl of enchiladas and—”

    “No.” Jenny’s not giving up her enchiladas.

    “Can we get back on point, people?” Fifi asks.  “I know non-JV2-System-is-the-original-don’t-steal-my-cheesecake-AB is unretired and all, but by typical writing standards, I’m still the basic star of at least this episode, right?  I mean, I don’t want to be conceited.  I’m just trying to understand if I’m still needed or if I should clock out for the day.  When do I get paid for this anyway?  Is it biweekly?  Salary?  You never specified.”

    Blufie wants to taunt her victim, but this question raises one for the Queen Commander herself.  She turns to AB and says, “Um, do we get paid?  You HQ people always say we do, with the money going to our direct deposit, and those bank accounts are linked straight to our personal nanos, and those personal nanos instantly obey our every IW instinct of ‘Oh, I want to buy a hotdog, or I might buy a chicken sandwich.’  Do we actually get a paycheck, or did the System bank go dead ten years ago, but we Infinites would never know because we can just poof money into existence without knowing the difference?”

    “Back to that simulation nonsense again?” AB chuckles, trying not to look at the camera with this one.  “It’s hard to say now that the entire System is comprised of IWs, but I can at least say there was still money in the account back when there were Finites, or else someone would complain.  Keb, did you drain the bank after the Finites died out?”

    I’m not sure if that group hug from earlier had already ended by now, but I can confirm Keb is definitely not involved anymore.  “Look here, bub; I don’t know what’s more offensive, you assuming I’d break the bank for all the cosmos as we know it or that you so coldly implied that billions of ‘less powerful’ people died just because they weren’t as strong as you, Ultimax.”

    “Wow, that stung.”  Big Brother is hurt.  Little sister pats him on the shoulder.  All the same, AB fixes his statement.  “You make it sound like we killed them off.  No, I’m just saying that as society went from the old System to everything after the original Successors universe with Ally Johnson and Solas Synoptica and all, we made them all Infinites.”  AB keeps trying to explain this, but Keb just makes it more complicated by throwing in random nonsense to antagonize him.  These two bird brains will be at this for a while.”

    “Psst,” Blufie whispers to Fifi, “you see those four weirdos poking their heads around the corner?”

    “Yeah,” Fifi says.

    “Those are my four best friends.  See?  You have your group, and me being a different person means I have my group.”

    “Aw, how cute!” Fifi says.

    As Blufie introduces her alter ego to her partners in crime, she realizes we’re on the last page and freaks out.  She regrets that she can’t give more time to, you know, her best friends in the world, but we have a schedule to keep.

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