His Asteroid Girls all turn and group hug him, voicing their agreement on this matter.

    “Surprise, I guess,” says Keb.

    “So, are you not going to retire then?” asks Cici.

    “I guess she beat you to announcing you changed your mind,” Missy chimes.  “I’m very proud of you, honey, but this makes things less awkward, ha ha!”  Missy Millennia’s humorous assessment implies that both AB and Blufie were on the same page of him getting up and trying again.  Then again, with such a great assistant like the QC, Ant can’t help but acknowledge that she would’ve made a great, grand replacement.

    “Okay, Blufie, you stinker,” AB says, “let’s get to work on the System.”  He then turns to the rest of the universe and says, “You heard it here, folks.  The Astronomical Boss is not retiring anytime soon.”

    There’s great cheering and whooping and such, but all of this is but a small preview of what I’m sure is to come in the bright days ahead for the PACs.  So, with the sentiment done, we still have work to do.  I’m glad AB is still going to be my System Viceroy and all, but let’s not lose focus.  Pff, Blufie, you make it sound like I’m retiring.  At any rate, AB, his family and friends, and the Blue One all get their pens, pencils, crayons, laptops and nachos out, ready to go over any needed upgrades they can think of to make the System even more astronomical than anyone could ever dream.  And just think, all this started from a casual chit chat amongst Faye, Fifi and Blufie.  Who knew it’d blow up into such a dramatic cosmic event.  It’s just the rearrangement of the galaxies we’re talking about.

    “So, uh,” Fifi hates to change the subject, but her curiosity needs attention.  “You’re really made from five people combined into one?”  This is addressed to Blufie.

    QC corrects, “Technically, it’s currently eleven, but I’m not sure I like this number, so I’ll probably have G2 redesign me back to five.  Yeah, as important as those other dweebs are, they need their own adventures.  That and they don’t really fit my theme.  Keb was one girl split in two for a while.  Before I was born, the System Director already wanted to make a combined concept, so he skipped ahead of the Keb idea and made ‘Blufie’ as a split character, born in fifths.  It’s fiction.  Don’t ask me how it works.  Thus, Fifi, Blue, Misa, JO and Kerry were fifths of the one person Blufie.  Now, in your case, I specifically had your character be one girl.  You are you, Fifi.  That said, while I got carried away and added Aiden Ashley Anderson’s daughter and her friends, as well as I.C.’s girl and her pals to the ‘Main Character’ wagon, all these lessons from today have reminded me that they can be their own girls on their own without me holdin’ their hands.  They’re going to have to tie their own shoes without me.”

    Well, no time like the present.  As the author, I use just straight-up the fact that their fictional characters to change this idea and have Blufie’s additions return to being their own peoples.

-Two More Pages in the Entire Series!-

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