Fifi gives her opinion.  “It would seem to me that we still have much to explore in our own world before sharing anything with the real world.  I second the idea to focus mainly on the Bible while taking gradual steps toward figuring out what the fictional side of our presentation is going to be.  If we patiently seek God’s will, I know He is going to lead us in the right direction.”


    “Well then,” Blufie says, “what does anybody have to say about the suggestion for the current universe or any adjustments it may need?”

    “More circuses!” Judy Joker cheers.

    “Less taxes!” Mizer suggests.

    “Free parking….” I.C. mutters.

    As this story is very much transitioning to events that will affect all the PACs, AB sees this as his cue to assist Blufie in the final few pages.  He’s not taking her thunder, but he is kind of the boss, ya know.

    “No, G2,” Blufie disagrees with my sentiment.  “I think his interruption is needed.  What was the whole point of this written series?  What was Lulu’s fear?  What was MK’s struggle?  They felt like they weren’t important.  They felt like giving up.  I love my AB.  He’s my great-great-so-forth grandfather, and though he’d never say it, I can tell why he did what he did, making me his successor, or even looking for one in the first place.  Grandpa Ant, while you’d never give up on guiding your PAC family, you decided it was time to retire and let someone else take your spot as the star of the show because discouragement was trying to tell you that Inner Man Theatre was failing.  Disappointment tells you it’s time to kick back and say, ‘Well, I tried.’  Nuh-uh, I ain’t gonna’ let you do that, Gramps.  Just like the people that made you what you are, look at the friends and family around you.  Even the author of this story wishes he was half the responsible, caring hero you are, fearlessly pointing folks to God, even when it’s hard beyond imagination.  Do you honestly believe any of us think for a moment your efforts have been wasted.  Now, I know I may have been a bit more blunt than you were expecting, but while I’ll help, I won’t take your spot.  I’m going to point you to God and to getting back up and keeping on keeping on so that you can be a successor, a success in pointing others to the Lord, even when it feels like you’re the only one on the planet.  So, take back your spot as the leader of the System Guards, Gramps!”

    AB is floored.  When Blufie turned to address him, he foresaw her insisting on his help because of him being the leader and all, and he might’ve even foreseen her refusing to accept the role of the Successor, but her emotional, soul-searching invitation for her hero to embrace his role all the same and not give it up was more than he ever anticipated.

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