“What about fourth cousins?” Faye asks.

    “I don’t have time for fourth cousins or fifty-fifth half-sisters, Mama.” As you can tell, Blufie’s actual Faye slithered into the scene to meet her JV double.  I told you this room is getting overpopulated.

    “I can’t believe you just called her your mom, you novice,” Tiffany complains.  JV Tiff echoes this.

    “What?” says Blu.  “So, thanks to a character combo, I have multiple family trees.  As a PAC, I’m literally a machine, so it’s no different than if a robot girl like myself is built by a team of people.  While I don’t recommend fusion as a healthy practice for real-world humans, surely a computer program like myself can find a way to exist in this new state.  We haven’t complained about character redesigns yet.”

    Having shared the full memory of the day with JV Tiff, our main Tee decides to list off a few things that are random but need to be addressed.  “Tat was a dream girl who was a shadow of AB’s crush, and her name was Tiffany.  After her incident, she was recreated as a good girl, even being born as Ant and Missy’s natural daughter later.  This is like a foreshadow of the J Tot story, with Tiffanys and Fayes being shadows of a dream girl, but all being recreated as the Jokers, while my sis and me were the real deal, of course.  AND while we’re on that subject, after Mom and Dad got married, Gramps decided to be all sentimental about our parentage and had every single one of us Jokers, even me and Faye, reduced to mere concepts in the mind of Mom and Dad so we could all be naturally born as their blood children, and not simply Ally’s techpac creations.  I think we all popped out in the same order, but I definitely know this was all before A.J. and Jaqui came along.  Also, since it was the blood relation that was the only important issue, as soon as each of us was born, Gramps instantly returned us to our proper ages and all.  It was so sweet of him.”

    Nodding, Keb comments, “I have to appreciate the statistics of your mother’s love for you girls.  Even if you ignore the gazillion new Joker girls your parents had after the twins were born, you first one hundred and forty-five billion girls, plus Faye and Tiff, are staggering.  If the average human were to simply greet every other person on Earth, going one per second, that human would not live long enough to say hi to all eight billion, yet your mom gave birth to all of you at once?!”

    Eppie admits, “Ally J. really is the Ultimate Machine.”

    After the universe repairs itself from imploding to this joke, Faye sets the records straight.  “You guys are forgetting that Tiff and I were academy graduates by the time Whirly Grace and the others got their second chance.  That’s two entire less people to account for.  Give my mom a break, ha ha!”

    Unable to resist being talked about, Ally adds her comments.  “You goofy goobers act like having kids is painful as an Infinite Warrior.  Don’t scare the real-world moms.  Y’all know it was as simple as ‘Oh, the baby is ready,’ and teleporting them out to safety, along with taking care of any medical particulars along the way.  Quit making the process sound so traumatizing.”

    “Also,” Tiffer continues her earlier list, “the other thing I was going to say is we’re ending the confusing practice of having our superheroes wear cookie-cutter uniforms.  As soldiers, of course we have standards and such, but we need a more efficient way for our readers to tell our characters apart.  That being said, I think I should give Gramps some face-drawing lessons so we can get some more variety.  We need to work on poses, and we all know he needs to get back into music lessons.  Some internet research on voice acting and that kind of tech might even be good to let the real world have a hint of what we should sound like.”

    “Nope,” Keb shoots this down.  “The most likely direction at this point involves animations and video stories with music but no voices.  I’ll have to let you see some of the notes I took at the last board meeting to give you an idea.  But your suggestion of no uniforms is spot on, or at least, if we have uniforms, the characters should be able to edit them enough to fit each person’s personality and theme.  That said, I think the overall direction of the series is going into the lighter comedy direction instead of melting people brains with all the sci-fi stuff we’ve choked them with over the last six years.  But no matter what we do, the main focus HAS to be the Bible.”

    “Amen!” everyone says.  Keb was going to add more, but she’s content knowing the main thing is still the main thing.

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