“Where are my children, Blufie?” asks Aunt Tiffany.

    “Blah blah blah,” responds the target.  “Yes ma’am, I shall answer that.  We don’t want the real-worlders mistaking my jokes for disrespect.”  With this, Queen Commander Blufie turns to her unsuspecting assistant and almost takes the life out of her when Blu’s head turns into five familiar faces, all of which admit a thing simultaneously.  “Okay, okay!  G2 did a thing and recreated Fifi Rug, Blue Meyers, Misa Mercy, Jenny Olivia and Kerry all into one brand new character.  That’s me.”  And with this, the hidden five concepts return to being this new unified thought.  That wasn’t as difficult as I assumed it would be.  “Anything else not pertaining to that, dear?”

    Overhearing this, Lunar Lu points to her neglected real sisters and says, “For all the counterparts I had you guys talking about, I need to show off my three actual siblings.  Kate, tell them about your sister Maria.”

    “Oh no,” Lu’s sister Atlanta declines, “the universe is not brave enough to have me on the big screen.  Come on, Maria.”  And with this, the one person I’ll admit is even crazier than Lunar does us all a favor by taking her best friend by the hand and jumping into a getaway portal to start one of her own crazy adventures.  Charla and Darla consider mimicking this act, but they know the others would just figure out they’re trying to run away from their beloved Lunar Lu.  Besides, she needs someone to pester her besides her lookalikes.

    “Aw!  That’s so sweet of you!” squeals Blufie.  “Now, does anyone else have something to say?  I don’t have enough pages left for everybody’s third cousin to start making cameos, but still.”

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