“What are you doing?” asks a cautious but honored Medley.

    “I’m loving my friends,” explains Keb.  “You have no choice.”

    Smiling, holding back tears, Medley replies, “Oh, I see.  Here.”  And that is why Keb also has her name in the picture.  She only displayed the other two as part of her honoring them, but now, Medley has returned the favor.  “You really are too kind to me, my little sister,” turning to the crowd, MK continues her thought, “you are all my sweet, sweet,” it’s hard to not cry now.  She pauses a second.  “You’re my family, and for all your support, when I had given up, when I even turned against you, you guys loved me and helped me up.  Even you, SD.  The time we’ve had to discuss things since you’ve learned from your own mistakes makes me honored to be your friend, too.  I am the daughter of Rupert Ludwig King of Storyboard X, and the founding member of the System Guards.  As I see what you all have become, with or without me, I’m thankful to my friends who, very much, founded this army on sharing the love of God with others, not compromising when action had to be taken, yet showing compassion when possible.  I wouldn’t exist without that, and I know many wonderful eras are ahead of us as the love and grace of God shine on the path before us.  It’s only our duty to trust in His guidance and obey His Word.”  With this, the whole System gives their thunderous applause.

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