Louis continues her story.  “As you have guessed, my grandson Rulu actually chose to follow the Lord instead of his own understanding.  He wanted everyone to hear of God’s Word, and he specifically wanted a way to have my legacy honored so that even if I couldn’t reach people myself, Rulu could do it for me.  Well, just like in most universes, Rupert was fairly wealthy, though I’m not sure how that happened seeing my story wasn’t exactly the same in that regard.  We did alright, but we weren’t nearly as loaded as the standard Pattersons.  Rulu was an honest businessman, so despite my teasing, it’s not hard to figure out how he acquired his wealth.  Well, at any rate, he came across an individual that offered him the chance to start a project that involved both robotics and the potential for resurrecting the dead.  Now, while this second part sounded preposterous, the overall plan, along with this silly potential, were enough to peaked Rulu’s interest.  Long story short, he agreed to this project.  By comparison, I don’t think you would see this as being different from any other typical android-building program, but Rulu felt that there was something about this that would somehow aid in fulfilling my dream, so he just trusted God.  However, while he was praying and doing this for the purpose of following the Bible, I regret to say that his money was going to none other than Victor of SBX himself, VX.”

    The crowd gasps.

    Looking around at her audience, she smiles warmly and goes on.  “It was quite the predicament, wasn’t it?  How could something good come from this nefarious creature?  Well, it’s a good thing Rulu didn’t know this, or he would have never agreed to working with such an evil beast.  Now, along the way, production began on a special android.  This little girl was the object of Victor’s affection, per say.  I mean, she was going to be created as a fully grown adult, but VX viewed her as his daughter.  Furthermore, when he presented her schematics to Rulu, he was also caught with a feeling of sentimental attachment to what was merely a concept.  Something about her kind of reminded him of his dear, old grandma.  Because of this, Rulu requested permission to name this girl.  Victor didn’t care as long as he got his killing machine, so he agreed.  Rupert King thought about the perfect name for her, and in the end, he decided on a name that he felt like he would’ve given his own daughter, if he ever had one.  He named the girl Marcia Muse King.  Yes, I know.  Remember, this is a parallel, so it would make sense that the name somehow found its way to Rulu.  Nonetheless, the humorous exchange began as Rulu told VX this name, so he wrote it down, saying it as he did, ‘Muse Kingley, got it.’  And Rupert corrected, ‘No, no, Marcia Muse King.’  To this, VX absentmindedly defended, ‘That’s what I said, Muse Kingly.’”

    Red T leans over to I.C. “If only he had listening skills like yours.”

    Having braced for another teasing jab, Imma Crystal quickly kisses her mama’s cheek.  “Aww!  Thanks for the unexpected confidence, Mom!”  The two side-hug as they continue to enjoy the story.

    “Well,” says the speaker, “the reason VX didn’t bother with writing the new name down is because he had his own name for this creation, Marionetta the Killer Kisser.  He’d call her Marion Kisler for short, but to avoid upsetting his money source, he’d only refer to her as MK when around Rulu.  Did you figure that part out, or did it ambush you?  Well, VX would not have to worry about hiding this name for too much longer.  Not only did Rulu pass away before the project was ever finished, VX himself never lived to see it built.  Well, yes he did, but he kept getting ‘destroyed’ so many times over the centuries that by the time she activated, whatever interactions he had would’ve been from a distance, so he didn’t get to fully appreciate her presence.  Details aside, the project had many failed prototypes, but in the end, it was attempt 10,311 that finally passed all the diagnostics.

    “Marionetta Kisler 10311, Marcia Muse King, was unleashed on the world with the mission to harass the System Director.  She was created with the same old Victor Grille plot of using her charm to woo AB before destroying him and his friends.  She didn’t have all the Jekel powers, but she didn’t need them.  While her fighting skills were that of a typical cyborg warrior, her beauty and charm were all she needed to bring the System to its knees.  Too bad the very first person she encountered was a younger System Director who was daydreaming about fighting an evil robot, only to conclude, ‘Hey, she’s pretty cool.  What if I could help her be a hero instead?’  And the rest is history.  VX created the very one who founded the System Guards he was sent to destroy.  The best part is that, even though she did later have a bad moment and tried to resort back to her original mission, without even knowing it I might add, her original intended target, AB, proved that he was more than well-prepared to not only resist her charm, but show her a level of compassion that not even the System Director had learned to show at that point.  From then on, Medley was surrounded by friends that have never stopped loving her and pushing her to be the very legacy I always dreamed would touch the world.”

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