I’ll remind you right now that Faye and her fellow history students have a habit of reaching out to any of the people they hear about who had an awful experience during their lifetimes and hugging them.  Well, did you happen to remember Blufie is in this crowd?  Did you happen to remember that Tiffany is here as well?  Did you catch the implication that dragging Lulu X into the picture will bring Lunar Lu along for the party?  It’s because of this that the number of people present will quickly grow into a list longer than I’m sure you want to read, so just remember that there are now a ton of people here.  In the meantime, we’ll let THE main System Louise X tell her story.  Go ahead, Lulu.

    “Uh, thank you, he he!” says the honored speaker.

    “GO, LULU!” cheers Kebbie.

    “I love you, too!” replies the girl.  “Okay guys, let me tell my story.  It starts when I was just a little girl, maybe about Rue’s age.  In my universe, I was spared all the heartaches most Rues endured.  In fact, I had a loving family, goofy friends and a community that knew to give all the attention to the Lord.  I grew up wanting to tell everyone I could about His love.  I knew that all I needed to do was be what He made me to be right where I was, but I had dreams of doing something big, something that would change the world and point them to Jesus Christ.  So, what became of this desire?  Well, I grew up, got married, had kids, tried to teach them right, watched them grow and start their own families, then I eventually became an old woman and died of old age.  That’s all I did.  Whatever big plans I had died with me.  So then, I got muh big chance when some alien robot revived me, right?  Nope, it doesn’t always have to be so grand.  Besides, all I’ve done since being alive again is wander around, trying to remember my street address while sometimes forgetting that I’m not a deader like the rest of my clownish cousins.”

    “Hey!” say the other Rues.

    “Hey,” she says back, waving tenderly, though with obvious bite to her responds.  “While I love my sisters, I think you should be aware that I, too, had a famous grandson.  I say this, but just as the System Guard personnel were top secret so that their ‘fame’ only went so far, likewise my grandson’s name is well-known, and yet, I wonder how many of you have even heard of him, let alone know what he’s famous for.  Well, let me tell you.  His name is Rupert Ludwig King.  We call him Rulu.  That’s right; my grandson was Rulu of XI.  Shall we get our blasters and storm his office now?  Let’s go!  He he, of course, if you do that, I’ll be the first one to hit you with a broom and command you to leave that wonderful man alone.”

    Rue of XI whispers to her Kate, “He must definitely not be evil for Lulu to think that.  There’s a reason I didn’t address my garbage-loving grandson when we arrested him.”

    Kat chuckles, thinking of the lecture Rue would’ve given him if she hadn’t held her tongue.

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