And with that, we learn that at the very moment AB and his friends were being freed by Simon Ferdinand and the Fruit from the effects of Arion Jekel Scar, future AB was returning to this very era to secretly arrest all the vile creeps he’d hear about being removed later.  Missy’s dad would be put in charge with very limited information about who did what when and why, meaning AB put his own boss in charge of his past self.  Man, was that a laugh for Ant and Missy on the way home!  Muse and Arro share a sentimental sibling moment that most people rarely see, and the Rues all high five at ruining yet another of Arion Jekel’s past plans.  This is when it gets worse.

    “And now, to Storyboard X!” Lunar Lu boldly declares, ready to tackle yet another history issue, leaving everyone to wonder if they’ll wake up with shoes for ears tomorrow.

    However, that is when a silent warrior lovingly walks over to Lu and looks her in the eye.  The kind counterpart sweetly says, “Luann Beluu, don’t you dare do that to me.”  It’s Lulu X.

    Shocked at this rebuke, Lunar asks, “What do you mean?  After what you’ve been through, even worse than Rat Food, you know I have to help you, Lu.”

    Shaking her head in disagreement, Lu says, “Worse than Rat Food?  Really?  I had a good, peaceful life, and I died at a good old age.  Now, I get to travel the universes with my alter egos.  What on Earth are you talking about?”

    Lunar sees through this.  “Aren’t you forgetting how Victor brought you back from the dead just to torture you?  And it’s even worse that it wasn’t even your VX.  It was Grille.  He was so determined to build that unstoppable Ultimate Woman that he pulled you across the very borders between storyboards, and whereas he was only able to clone Rue in his universe, he legit stole you from the Drawing Board and turned you into a cyborg, filled with false memories of sensitive SG knowledge as he planned to send you to XI where you’d be his spy.  You were the one who pulled a Misa on him, you spectacular woman, you, and got away.  The SGs helped you, but you still suffer, not sure what memories are yours and which ones were put there by him, and your emotions aren’t that much better than what poor Ina XI’s were from her cyborg traumas.  Now, you stop trying to be nice about it and let your multiverse sister help you, okay?”

    Lulu is so thoroughly pleased.  She closes her eyes and giggles as she takes in the privilege of having a friend so loving as Luann, even if she’s eccentric.  Lulu hugs her sister and tries again.  “Luann, I’m an Infinite now.  I can do whatever I want to my emotions.  Also, I’m a deader, so they’re definitely at the correct setting.  I love you, and I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but do you even know what happened in my universe after I died?”

    “Uh, kinda….” Lu’s response and accompanying posture of uncertainty while still hugging is characteristically comical.

    “Then will you allow me to speak for myself, captain?”  The two friends back up so Lulu X can speak.

    The movie suddenly shuts off, and the viewers turn to Blufie.  “What’d you do that for?!”

    Laughing hysterically, the Queen Commander says, “Wow, you really liked that movie that much, huh?  Well, what if I told you I concluded it would be rather subpart to hear Lulu X tell such a beautiful story from this method of media, so I want to bring her here…as in present-day Lulu…AND…AND…I may even bring the one from MY System.   Who wants that?!”

    All hands shoot up.

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