Constellation Kate adds to her friend’s lesson.  “Ever wonder how Arion Jekel and the Whirlwind Prophet were able to infiltrate System tech when that is supposed to be something evil thoughts can’t tamper with?”

    “Yes,” Elena quickly answers.

    Rue XI huffs, “It was my quisling grandson.  Because he was so corrupt, the mechanical marionette had no problem manipulating Rulu from the shadows like the ignorant puppet that he was.  That’s how Arion Jekel knew how to bypass SG HQ, and that’s how the windbag knew how to do it.  Also, I think it’s funny that most people who knew Muse and Arro’s relation thought A.J. and Jaqui were created by the System Guards based on them.  How ridiculous!  You realize that Jekel could have ended AB and his leaders at any time, or even used the time device to gain immortality, but he liked the gamble of waiting to see what would become of Ant too much to secure his own victory too easily.  Besides, he was fully confident that he could mold AB as easily as he molded the very people who created him.  BOY, was that clown wrong!”

    As her counterpart goes on and on, Lunar Lu checks her notes.  “Seriously?  That’s all I had?  How anticlimactic.  Oh well, we’d better explain the plan before XI gets on her fourth wind.”  Having said this, Lu pushes a button her wrist computer, and instantly, all the Rues find themselves transported to the wildest of places…in the big council room with Rulu and his pals.  “Girls, did you ever wonder how these freaks were in charge, then suddenly removed without explanation?”

    Understanding exactly what she’s saying, all her companions turn to her and shout, “NO, YOU DIDN’T!!”

    “Rupert Ludwig King, or should I say…Rulu?”  As she prepares a fancy speech, Lunar Luann realizes the importance of this moment.  Yes, she got my permission for this, but still, this is an AB thing.  This is Muse’s dad, so she should be here, too.  With this, Lu fills the room with all the cameos you’d expect, from the XI Patterson sisters, to AB and Muse with their friends, to Medley and such the like.  All these are the present people, or at least for the time at which Luann did this.  The point is all the important cameos are here.  “Corrupt leaders of the System Guards,” Lu declares, “your ancestors, along with the multiverse, depends on you to guide those put within your trust in a way that honors the God of the Bible, the very one who put together the very brain wherein we reside.  You were given your chance, and you have royally blown it.  Today, we arrest all of you!”

    Having learned the details, AB takes over.  “Woo, I never thought I’d be the one to do this, but here we are.  Um, you’ll all be transported to HQ prison with your memories wiped of the details.  You over there on the left, even though I know what a windbag you’ll be later, I can’t prosecute you ahead of the event, so just know I’m watching you…even though I’m wiping your memory of this event.  Now, Muse, would you like to speak?”

    “Yes,” says the lovely lady.  “Dad, you may forget this for many years, and my past self may not be as kind about it, but here I stand several years later, and I want you to know I forgive you.  Also, when you remember this, know I will have just returned from this very point in the past to find you and tell you again that I forgive you and I love you.  Arro?”

    Chuckling at this serious moment’s humorous cracks in its solemn armor, Arro adds, “I’m not sure what’ll happen to you between now and the big ‘Feast Day,’ but I hope you’ll change enough that I’ll see you in the Drawing Board.  Until then, know that I forgive you, too.”

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