As they gasp, the group recounts his dreaded attack on the SGs that was narrowly stopped, along with his unfortunate end at the Nightmare Buffet.  How sad it was that he had pushed himself so far that not even the System Director could any longer view him as a rethinkable thought.  Of course, lest you think he was originally good and simply gave in to grief like Diana and the prophet’s own victims, let Lunar Lu dash that assumption with the final Patterson descendant.

    “And then…there’s Rulu.”

    “Rupert Ludwig King….In case you’re wondering how he can be Kina’s cousin in this universe while being her descendant in XL, when your body dies and is reconstructed in an unnatural fashion so that it’s a clone and not you, the kids and grandkids that result from this is whoever’s guess from that point.  History was just using the messed-up genetics to try to correct itself, I guess.  Either way, remember how SD is always saying that the people in charge of the System Guards were corrupt when Ant was a kid?  Well, you’re about to know why.  Since the Pattersons were so financially involved in helping the System Guards get started, Arion Jekel did his research.  He knew that it all depended on Victoria standing up to Diana, and within a certain timespan.  He thus sent his Victors to do their thing, but much to his hideous delight, the very ants he was eager to squash were doing what humans do and solving his own problem for him.  Despite all the progress Rue and Victoria made in bringing their sisters to the side of pointing people to Christ, their legacy would slowly deteriorate over the years as not every Patterson successor would be as noble as the earlier ones.  With this being the case, when an overwhelmed MK Medley decided to return to her home world, the vacant seat was BOUGHT by Rue XI’s grandson.  The very angel that started all of this had a grandson who was a slob of a devil, and he slithered his way into power.  Not only this, but Rulu, as his friends called him, brought his other corrupt cousins with him, almost being a wicked parallel to the group of godly girls that started this family investment.  Yes, MK and Fiona started the System Guards, but the Patterson family agreed to finance the endeavor, and now their beautiful legacy was going to the dump.  And did you notice a thing yet?  I think you did.”

    After the others point to the picture, Lu explains, “Rulu’s first wife was so disgusted with his personality, that she left him and remarried a dude named Legonaire.  Arro King, assuming that’s his real name, was given his step-father’s last name.  When his parents later adopted his Lil step-sister, you can see why this stepson of Legonaire easily found comradery that made the two almost as close as AB and Keb, but not as much is said about Arro outside of VII, so why should I expect you to know all this?  Now, Rulu married again, and this new woman already had a daughter.  It’s because Rulu never adopted this girl, along with his abusive treatment of the dear, that most people would never guess that Muse’s mother was married to the former boss of the System Guards.  It’s why she hated them before meeting AB, and it’s how Jekel was able to exaggerate her rough childhood into her feeling guilty over things she didn’t even do wrong.  And…this speaks volumes to how things went so horribly for Muse in Storyboard MV.”

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