SBVII Rue clarifies, “Remember that we hadn’t been told the details of the System.  This story was still being told from the perspective of exemplifying a realistic scenario of people turning folks to Christ.  If you were to have them doing this in a more transparent context, you’d have them going around and helping thoughts give their lives to teaching the real-worlders about Christ.  I think we all understand that little disclaimer, but I thought I’d give it.  Now, this is so beautiful, and you know all we Rues love and adore our sisters in the Drawing Board, even those that didn’t get there in such a blessed fashion, but what does this have to do with the Victors?  Oh, and yes, even the ‘evil’ renditions of Diana and the gang made it to the Drawing Board since the SD looked into the details and determined they qualified as ‘rethinkable thoughts’ instead of truly evil.  They were merely victims who needed the emotional adjustments of Juniper to help them out.  Again, we’re PACs, so how we handle things is not supposed to be a theological equivalent to the real world.”

    With all this said, Lunar makes her plan known.  “Dearies, don’t you know enough about SG history to know what the Victors were trying to prevent?  Surely, you realize what was so important to prevent that the main villain of the System named his entire time-travel band of assassins after the one thing he was trying to stop.  What was Victoria supposed to never do?  Well, in Storyboard XI, she did it.  Victoria Patterson got the courage to stand up to Diana and tell her that their actions were not right.  They marched downstairs and pulled a starving nine-year-old little girl out of that nasty basement, where the brave heroine begged her sister to forgive her.  From there, though it was slow, the other sisters all soon saw how awful they had been, with Diana being the first to forgive Rue and asking her to do the same for this wicked woman.  The Patterson sisters were finally the family they were always meant to be.”

    There’s a group, “Amen!”  Even Elena and Charis join in as they’ve sneaked into the meeting.

    Luann then gives the hidden family tree.  “Diana is the ancestor of Simon Ferdinand, the same one who trained James Scott.  Again, he gets his looks from his dad, so the VII rendition had a different mom.  Focus.  Emery married properly and is the ancestor of SG Fruit member Peace, making Muse’s friend Kim a descendant.  Annabelle’s descendant was SG Fruit member Faith who married Ruth’s descendant and had Jake and Leah that were Missy’s teammates when she met officially met AB.  Ollie’s great-great-grandson Key was still a regular youth pastor who married Rue’s regular Kina, and even though she wasn’t adopted, Katherine still kept in touch with Rue, and we’ve discussed the half-sisters that originate from Kate’s line.  That leaves three more individuals.  The first is Victoria Patterson’s son.  She married to become Victoria Patrickson, and when her son Lewis Evan Patrickson was greatly injured during World War 2, she felt all was lost for her boy until she and her sisters were approached about an opportunity to cybernetically enhance him in anticipation for his role generations later.  This is the origin of XI Patriarch.  In the 80’s he married a beautiful woman and had a daughter named Lana that would be the SG Fruit member Longsuffering that we first see with the team until she is tragically killed during the Ultimax Invasion.  Patriarch’s wife had also died sometime before this.  That then leaves us with two more people to mention.”

    After various people comment on how Lana’s loss, and even her close resemblance, was the inspiration for why Patriarch and his second wife chose to adopt Patty, Luann says, “Of the last two descendants, we first talk about Ruth’s boy that married SG Faith.  We won’t say his actual name, but we will tell his tragic story.  As you recall, A.J. Scar murdered both of this man’s kids, but the guy was being brainwashed.  He couldn’t help it.  In fact, we all know the extensive punish A.J. gladly excepted once he was freed of this, so there’s no reason to hold this against him.  Well, Jake and Leah’s father disagreed.  He saw the Scar Twins’ acceptance as betrayal, so he decided to share this grief.  He took advantage of his insider knowledge to both hijack the HQ facility and give himself new powers that allowed him to push victims into stranger pseudo-defector states out of sheer grief.  He became the one we call the Whirlwind Prophet.”

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