“For the rest of their lives, Diana and Victoria would find little ways to scream out to each other, ‘Please help me!’ but neither would be brave enough to catch the other’s message.  Diana knew she had gone too far, but she was afraid of the old Victoria, and the spineless younger sibling refused to voice her complaints because she was afraid of the new Diana.  In the end, both died because they waited too long for the other to do something about the situation.  However, I’d like to break the silence by pointing out what the website’s video series does not.  Mr. Dale’s arrival back on the island was a miracle, but not because he randomly returned uncalled.  The miracle came in someone being woman enough to finally act.  Someone called him back early.  He wasn’t sure if the whispering voice on the other end of the phone was that of Diana or Victoria, but he knew something was up.  That’s right; despite what they intended to do, one of these murderous girls made sure to keep Rue safe while they were away.  I won’t tell you who called him, but I will say that while one sister bitterly prayed for God to kill her and not the child, the Lord answered this prayer by causing her heartless sister to reach out from her cage of vengeance and make the hardest phone call of her life.”

    There’s a group sigh as they all know who the silent hero was.  Lu says, “Yes, Diana used the story of Rue hurting their father as her excuse to torture the child without the other girls knowing the true motive of Diana’s vengeance.  And where did it get the woman?  There she ran, trying to save herself when that same mousy younger sister, Victoria, finally took the stand she should have long ago.  There was only so much room on that lifeboat, and the older sister only cared about herself, not showing even one bit of concern that poor little Ollie had been knocked unconscious and had to be dragged by Victoria to safety.  Knowing what it would cost her, Vicky ordered Diana to get out of the way.  Then, as the two saw each other for the last time on Earth, Torey gave Ollie that precious message and watched her leave.  In saving Olivia, Victoria Patterson ensured that she and the other murderers would get their reward.  That is when Diana finally accepted what she had done to herself.

    “As the older sister took a deep breath and strolled back inside, the younger followed, being thankful for a moment to walk upright on this aquatic rollercoaster.  I’m not a boat-sinking expert.  I can’t tell you if they should’ve been sliding to their dooms yet or if they still had some walking time, so just know that the timing just worked out.  Now, with the sisters sitting together, they slowly began to discuss all the hardships they’d endured and how disastrously they had handled it, making them just as awful as the monster that had created them.  That is when Victoria Patterson changed the game.  She first gave her sin to God, then she helped her sister to see she had never genuinely done that for herself.  Diana, the wicked Diana of SBVII’s famous Little Deli Island, gave her life to Christ.  The other sisters did the same.  They then started praying for God to somehow let them switch places with Rue.  Since they couldn’t escape death, they begged for the Lord to at least spare the one that didn’t do anything wrong.  Mind you, Diana knew.  She knew that Mr. Dale probably made it in time.  Of course, this is what motivated her to give up in the first place.  IF she survived, she’d either return to find a dead sister, or she’d return to see her wickedness had been found out.  Either way, there was nothing at home other than the inescapable loss of her inheritance, and possibly criminal prosecution.  Nonetheless, Diana was glad to take whatever punishment she deserved if it meant sparing Rue.  But then, reality hit in.  They couldn’t help Rue, but they could help those around them.  So, for the rest of their lives, no matter how short that was, the Patterson girls reach out to others in their shared fated and did what they could to help, even if it was just sharing the Gospel in their final minutes.”

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