Back in the movie theatre, Fifi asks her friends, “Did you guys know this about Kina and Rue in XL?  Kina is Rue’s Zombie?”

    Eating a handful of popcorn and caramel candy, Blue responds, “Seeing how I help Mom at Grace School of Recovery, it was bound to come up eventually, so I’m already ahead of you on this information.”

    Misa Merc adds, “Even with all my reading, I’ll admit that’s a very rare find to see in the textbooks.”

    Back to the show!  Lunar Lu speaks on.  “While it’s uncertain what heroes from the Happy War or the Lyger era were descendants of Key, there are some other family facts we do know.  I won’t tell you if Naomi Reese was a descendant of Rue or of Ollie.  The fact that Rue got her looks from her father helps in keeping this an uncertainty, even if Key marrying Kina kinda’ makes my mystery a total waste, heh heh.  At any rate, in SBVII, SBXI and SBXL, Hannah Austin and that Taxi I mentioned are actually half-sisters, and it’s this Taxi that is the source for the Zombie from whom Lyger’s wife descends.  Lyger’s mother-in-law would’ve been a Zombie.  Also, what I said about all the Taxi’s would make Trixie Todd in VII Katherine’s descendant as well as Rue’s.  Huh, cool.  Of course, the last person to mention from XL is the new Victoria Patterson from the Lyger era.  Along the way, someone discovered they descended from Emery Patterson’s abandoned child.  You see, after the three rich sisters died childless, their Patterson Corporation went to other people.  Gregory Temples took it back later, being a Patterson relative, but he was done in by fellow Patterson cousin Nathaniel.  Sometime after, this DNA tested heir to the throne, per say, cashed in and took control of the company.  This would eventually result in Oliver and his daughter being the villains Lyger had to deal with.  From there, we know what becomes of things until Grille pops back up.  Well, I’m sick of it!  With how he tormented Rat Food and her family, I just had to get us involved in making the Legacy, but that’s how I got to looking at all our ancestral records throughout the storyboards and realized what a bully he and his kin have been to us.  We need to help our other Rues!!”

    The other girls applaud, though the look Kina XL and Lulu X share imply the slight concern.

    Risking the error of dashing some faithful real-world fan’s view of Little Deli Island by throwing in extra behind-the-scenes facts, Luann declares, “Let’s review the tale of VII and her siblings.  Before she was born, her father got rich enough to build a mansion on a small unused island, but he was an abusive drunk.  He beat the girls’ first mother to death, and beat the second wife enough that she died giving birth to Rue.  She was given away, but she was the lucky one.  Diana was the one stuck in the crossfires of this tyrant while trying to share her kindness with her younger sisters.  At that time, Victoria was a stuck-up Pharisee of a person.  All the starving, cursing and beating that Rue would later have to endure were just a way of life to her tortured older siblings.  But then Mr. Dale came.  The evil father grew ill and needed help.  It was this extra help that brought the love of Christ with him, and it was this kind soul that led Mr. Patterson to Christ.

    “In his dying days, he did all he could to undo his wickedness, but the damage was done.  And to make it worse, after all she had endured, Diana’s healing heart was annihilated when the man she spent her whole life trying to please threw her efforts in the trash by voicing his desire to give his estate to the very infant he brainwashed Diana into hating.  The loving young woman the girls grew up with died in a violent exchanged that forever transformed Victoria from the cold, bossy stickler they’d known her to be into the kindhearted yet cowardly thing the readers know her as.  Meanwhile, Diana basked in the freedom of using her new terrifying persona to boss the other girls around.  After always putting up with Vicky’s control, now Diana could pay her back.  Of course, she still did well to play nice while the two men were around.  So, Mr. Patterson died, Rue came into the picture, and Diana did everything she could to pour all her hatred for her father onto the object of his betrayal, poor Rue.

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