Laughing, RF warns her counterpart, “I know I’ve just come to accept the name you girls insist on calling me, but you’d better be careful.  If we’re ever caught on TV with you all using that name, I’m sure some of the real-worlders will be offended, not realizing that I find it just as hilarious, seeing how I wasn’t exactly awake for the experience, and I’m obviously fine now.”

    Luann rolls her eyes and says, “What are the odds of this conversation ever being put into one of the System Director’s comics or something?”  Everyone watching this movie laughs.  “Now, you, my precious Rat Food, are the very reason I called this meeting, you know.  You should have survived that betrayal by your Victoria, but Victor Grille prevented Mr. Dale from reaching you in time, so you kinda’ kicked the bucket.”

    “I remember, dear” Rue XL sarcastically states.  “I was kind of there, lass.”

    “So you were,” says the undaunted speaker.  “Well, when your sisters came back from not taking the Titanic, Victoria rushed to check on you in a guilty panic, and when she found you, uh, getting your nickname, she could take no more.  She ran up to her bedroom, opened the door, and soon found herself apologizing to you in the Drawing Board.”

    “Old news,” yawns the deader.  “We’ve both been over it for centuries now.”

    XI interrupts this.  “It’s so hard to remember how long anything has or hasn’t taken, thanks to all the time-traveling going on.  Hasn’t it only been twenty years or something in the main universe?  My digital watch must’ve died being in the Drawing Board, heh heh.”

    There’s a mix of amusement and feigned disinterest at this remark.  Lunar Lu continues her point.  “Oh, but that’s when Victor goes the extra mile with you, honey.  As you recall, your surviving sisters had to cover up the whole thing.  This caused Emery to leave the island and spend the rest of her short days living a vile street life in an attempt to drown her guilt before this caught up to her.  Ollie was sent to America where time corrected itself as far as her marriage and descendants were concerned.  Did Key marry Kina?  Yes, but you may recall Kina came from Rue, so how could this be?  Well, in their elderly years, the three remaining sisters eagerly used their fortune to finance a science project that promised to revive their little Rue.  However, though their desire was fulfilled, old age prevented them from seeing this miracle.  Prudence Primrose was back from the dead!  But how is she here with her fellow deaders, all of whom I got permission from AB to have hang out at my house, if she was brought back?”

    Kina XL states the obvious.  “Well, this is ancient history, so we’re all dead again by now.”

    “Meh,” defends Lu, “but the fact that you’re sitting beside your Rue supports the thing I was getting at.  Well, you’re sitting across from her, but nonetheless, Kina of XL was only a clone of Rue…she was the first Zombie!  It was Victor Grille that revived her, and it was Victor Grille that started the government project that gave us Thomas Edison as a ninja spy.  Since all those who’d care were dead, Victor renamed Rue Kina and raised her as his own, but she didn’t listen very well.  Yeah, you’re one of us, alright.  She eventually ran away, but this actually helped Victor.  He caught her and was able to be more direct with influencing her to do his evil bidding.  He knew the Zombies would hunt him down, so he had planned to have them ‘save the day’ as he played both sides of this equation against each other while still being in control of both.  It was the Legacy’s interference of sending Key in with a System Sword that messed everything up.  Though he was destroyed, Victor was able to come back later, though it’s unsure if he was resurrected by supporters or just backed his data up into a spare Jekel body he’d made, but nonetheless, history would later reveal his return.  That said, Key and Kina married, which isn’t weird since Key would be marrying Rue’s daughter clone, making her like a distant cousin.  They had kids, and generations later, it turns out that Nathaniel Harrison is their descendant, as is Lighting Party member Gregory Temples that you see threatening him in this picture here.”  She’s referring to the same image I put at the start of the chapter.

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