“Don’t sweat it,” Kate chimes in, “I’ll make sure we’re not late.  The boys won’t even be there until next century, so we’ll have plenty of time…this time.”  With the less-than-confident answer given, Elena is content, and thus, giddily trots away to see what Charis is doing.

    “Alright girls,” Luann says, “let’s face the facts.  Despite what the main focus has been in System Guards all this time, the reality is there’s a war being waged against us Rues, and it’s all because those villainous Victors are constantly trying to ruin our story!”  Before she goes on, I should point out there are more Rues sitting on the couch facing our duplicates.  Opposite of Rat Food is the very same Kina from Starter Key, which we’ll explain in a minute, across from Little Deli Island’s VII Rue is her version of Kate, across from the XI rendition is Rue from SBC, across from Lulu X is Rue M, and last but not least, sitting across from Luann’s bestie is the version from Packy Derm’s home universe of Storyboard L…Kanga Rue.  Indeed, whatever hope your head had of putting the pain meds down just went away, I’m sure.

    “I have to say it,” Fifi inserts as the scene is being watched.  “I feel this is all a ruse.  Okay, you know everyone was thinking of the pun.  We may continue to view the film now.”

    Yes, as the moment goes on, Luann explains the situation.  “For whatever reason, Arion Jekel viewed the friendship of Rue Patterson and her one kind sister as such a dangerous thing that he literally named his scouts after the one in question.  That’s right, in addition to declaring his own triumph over the SG’s, Jekel named his sons after what you would think would be such a trivial side character, no offense, Victoria Patterson.  But why is it so vital that she fails?  Well, let’s look at what happens at the end of each Rue’s story.  In the most remembered rendition in VII, Rue inherited the estate all to herself, with Mr. Dale raising her as a daughter.  He even went to adopt Kate so Miss Patterson wouldn’t be lonely.  The two women grew into beautiful gems whose descendants included Kina VII, Arro Legonaire and Trixie Todd for Rue, and the VII versions of Taxi and Hannah Austin for Katherine.  Note that Olivia Patterson was saved from the Titanic by Victoria in a final act of redemptive courage, with Victoria giving Ollie a message to take to Rue that wasn’t delivered for several decades.

    “Ollie was an amnesiac orphan in America until her restored memory sent her into a guilty rage that ended with her giving her life to Christ.  It’s because of this that her descendant, the VII alternate to Key, became the very youth pastor that James Scott the Crimson Prince would do an internship with during his college days.  This Key met and married the Kina of that universe.  Also, Ollie did eventually return to Scotland and was overjoyed to learn that her little sister had survived and grew into such a wonderful woman.  As the sisters were reunited in their elderly years, Victoria’s message, which was the same as Ollie’s own, finally made its way to the ears of one so dear… ‘I’m sorry.’”  Everyone sniffles.  “As far as the Victor of that universe goes, he was the vile old man that Diana unwittingly referenced when scolding Victoria for trying to send Rue out on her own in the middle of the night.  He would have kidnapped her, so it’s a good thing she failed in her escape plan.  And since VII’s physics are the most realistic, he turned human, grew old and died.  He did marry and had descendants that filled in his role, like some lesser-known friends of Dr. Samuson Johnst, including the Scar Twins’ dad for that matter, and the evil Arion Eik of Xames Scott’s era.  Wow!  I didn’t realize A.J. and Jaqui were his descendants, but it’s not surprising, given the overall history of the Scars.”

    Kanga Rue speaks up, saying, “I suppose the Patriarch that was Crimson Prince’s own youth pastor back in Japan shows that Patriarch in general gets more of his looks from his father than his mother, considering his victorious mama didn’t survive the boat ride in VII.  I’ll have to tease Victaroo about her little Matriarch not being her mother’s daughter as much as she claims, he he!”

    Not wanting to spoil too much yet, despite the Rues all knowing these facts, Luann says, “Indeed, Patriarch is Victoria’s son, but let’s save that for later.  Since you mentioned your universe, Kanga, I’ll point out M’s and C’s.  In SBM, Rue succeeded in getting to the mainland, so Victor was able to slay her right then and there, resulting in a trail of events that necessitated the System Guards being started a generation early, with irony including Victoria’s husband as the Grand Patriarch.  SBC saw Rue getting kidnapped by that Victor, but she managed to get away, eventually being caught by police and sent back to the island.  The whole ordeal caused the sisters to realize how awful they were, so everyone ended up living happily ever after, but these events happened in such a way that later events still took place later than they were supposed to, resulting with the System Guards being killed, thus forcing various of their allies to replace them.  Yeah, that was a shocker, I’m sure.  That brings us to the two most interesting cases, the main System Guard storyboard of XI…and your front yard, right, Rat?”

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