The wheels are slowly turning in people’s minds.  Blufie is smiling with an equally taunting expression, while Keb can’t decide if she wants to enjoy this presented opportunity or subtly whisper for me to replace these paragraphs with something else.

    “What’s the catch?”  Fifi knows something is up, but not sure what.

    “We’ll start with the last name,” Blufie answers.  She gives a few hints of this and that before the girls finally pick up on her hint.

    “Miller’s Razian derivative is Millas,” Blue Meyers figures out, “as in Silas and Leah Millas, friends of the Baylors in XL.  Tiffany’s husband has the same name of the people from the era your wayward sister visited before turning on everyone.”

    Tiff confirms.  “Yes, the System gave me a husband with a last name that let everyone know I am the genuine Tiffany, not my mole of an older sibling, though I still love her.  It’s not like she knew a real me existed at the time.  Anyway, that still doesn’t say anything about his first name.”

    Some of the girls have already figured it out, but they’re afraid of saying so with the camera still on.  Finally, bold Misa blurts out, “Mobius is a science thing, usually associated with the very kinds of physics nonsense we play around with.  Yep, we’re getting sued.”

    Tiffany Scar Miller reaches into the air to summon a chocolate snack and a plastic spoon.  She takes a moment to enjoy this random delicacy, after which she wipes her mouth all ladylike with her knuckle and then points her spoon at the girls like she’s about to have an educational conversation.  “And that’s where I draw the line.  I get that Gramps has to be careful when coming up with new ideas to not make them sound too much like other people’s work, and I highly respect when he goes out of his way to make something unique, finds is still sounds like something and a changes it, only for it to sound like something else.  In this day and age, it’s almost impossible for stuff to not sound alike.  It happens.  But as far as my husband’s name is concerned, I’m glad to point this one out.  Our story was over and done, written down in 2020 in the real world.  Gramps then gave me a husband that he randomly named Mobius Miller.  It wasn’t until May of the following year that he realized he had given me a husband whose name had such a close relation to the Millas name.  And that is where his thoughts stopped as he had no idea where he came up with such a weird name as Mobius.  Well, fast-forward to this current real-world year of 2023, and you see him coming up with new oddities like Storyboard Shopping and this unexpected epilogue to his three-year-old System Successors series.  It was only between this and him watching some quantum physics educational videos online that he finally went, ‘Oh, wait; THAT’S what that word I made up on the spot means?!!  That’s literally what Tiffany and her siblings deal with all the time!  Are you even kidding me?!?!?!  But then he instantly wanted to cry because he didn’t feel he could share this miracle because people would accuse him of picking the name after some tv show.  However, the reason I don’t mind sharing it, in addition to the fact it’s muh husband’s name, is because Gramps’ online media accounts well document that he came up with all this well before it would’ve been an issue, so any critics who want to claim he got the name from elsewhere can read it here that such is not the case.”

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