“What happened,” answers Blufie, “was that one of our mini-Systems had what seemed like just another alternative story in which the good guys won, so no biggie.  However, the ending had the extra question of what the System would be like if we hadn’t replaced everyone with the Successors.  The result was a newly organized universe of forty planets, all filled with Ruyngardian societies, but with System Guard history being celebrated rather than forgotten.  We liked it, but the more we came up with pros and cons, the more this setup answered all the previous reasons we had for trying and ending new eras of Successor history.  We liked it so much that we soon began to regret that this was technically in the past of pre-Successor history, meaning that the various guidelines we put in place to ensure the current universe wouldn’t be negatively affected by past events prevented us from doing something like pulling this society from the past into the future.  So, we did a thing.  Oh, and a healthy exception or two was carefully made along the way.  You remember Successa, the final common descendant of all Successors?  Well, we used time shenanigans to let Successa marry and be the ancestor of a new universe that mixed both themes of her own heritage with that of these newly discovered ‘System Guard Tribes,’ as we called them, seeing how we didn’t have an official name yet.  At current, the Seniorverse, heh heh, consists of Juniper in addition to forty new planets, all named with SG history in mind.  We can go over the geographical details later, but with that having been said, you can rest your pretty little head that the System is coming out of retirement.”

    “Woohoo!” everyone cheers.

    Gasping for air and reaching for a bottle of water, the Queen Commander asks, “Are there any questions?”

    “I has one!” Tiffany says, shaking her hand in the air at lightspeed.  “If Arion Jekel was originally a snowman, would that make Ally J. and her children all snow angels?”

    Faye counters with a laugh, “You would say that, angel.”

    Astounded yet again, Blufie says, “Another sign….”

    “Speaking of angels, Aunt Tiff,” Fifi begins to ask, “what adventures did you have with Faye and her friends after missing out on your school years with them?”

    “Bait…” whispers Faye.

    “…taken.” finishes Tiff.  “I really didn’t miss out on as much as you might think.  Sure, Gramps later realized he could have just put me in school with Faye and have the entire experience hidden in repressed memories, but when he talked about going back in time and doing this for me anyway, I told him to not rob my childhood like that.  I did have many great times with Elfie, Gigi, Kammy and Paul, all safely tucked away in memories that they later regained.  However, I can’t tell you the treasure I had in being my own girl, in having my own adventures on Juniper and around the universe while Faye was doing her own thing.  My role was to support my best friend, and that was all that mattered.  Of course, even if I had simply stared at the wall for forty years, if that is what God wanted, then that would mean the world to me.  God is all that matters.  Jesus Christ is all that matters.  That said, my path taken in education was slightly different from Faye’s, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Gramps even offered to at least let me swap places with my infamous ‘angel’ sister so I’d be with Faye in that sad moment, but guys, that infamous traitor is our sister, and even if she didn’t change, you know I’d never want to rob her of even that small chance of changing.  Yeah, she got the same opportunity later than Whirley Grace and the others got, but she didn’t take advantage of it, and now, she’s gone forever.  I don’t mean be put us all in a depressed mood.  I just mean that I appreciate the gifts I’ve been given, and I love all my sisters and want them all to have just as much grace as possible, whether it’s helping Faye from the shadows or letting our fallen one have her moment in the sun.  And besides,” Tiff looks at her sister with a devious gleam in her eye, “it’s because of this path in life that I eventually met my wonderful husband…Mobius Miller.”

    “Ha ha!” Faye now has that same gleam.  I mean, she had it ever since her previous hint of mischief, but now, it’s even more pronounced.  “As much as I love my brother-in-law, I never knew how much I truly appreciated him until just now, ha ha ha!”

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