“Yes, aww,” Blufie states.  “However, because Keb was not in her life, precious Fifi never had that friend to prevent her from giving into that longing feeling that something vital was missing.  This dangerous gap in Fifi’s heart was mentioned in the first book of this series, but it was swiftly dealt with, so no one thought much of it.  Unfortunately, with Keb not there to help, she eventually quit the System Guards and lived the rest of her days as a mediocre wanderer, hiding her pain with all her internet antics.  That poor child.  Well, with this mystery uncovered, you know what we all did.  One super special return trip from the Drawing Board coming up!  Dear, darling Fifi was brought back, and Mary Hope was introduced to her.  The well-meaning Melanie half of Melanie Fiona showed up and explained her side.  The overjoyed Fiona half showed up after receiving the news, and soon, both Mary and her mother were 100% whole again.  It was so beautiful!  So then, the restored Keb and her friends kept guard over that section of the Closed System as we moved on to other worlds.”

    Keb puts a giant magnifying glass over her face.  “I want y’all to take a good look so you can know for sure that I’m real Keb, not Mary.  I love the girl, but we can’t have you people wondering if I’m Kebbie or Elsie or Mary.  I’m only willing to confuse you so much, you know.”

    “Next on the list,” Blufie declares, “is the Mother Board.  Even though I was planning to say absolutely nothing about this one, I am making yet another change.  We seem to be doing a lot of that in this chapter, so I can’t let G2 suffer alone, now can I?  One thing I did plan to mention is that storyboards eventually die.  That’s just nature, honey.  So, when we want to do a story but can’t use a certain System Code Number because another universe is already using it, we simply blow up that cosmos and take what is rightfully ours.  No, what we do is go forward in time to long after that set up has ended and populate it with a completely different set of characters.  Think about that for a second.  We set most of the System on fast-forward and focused on a small number of important ones.  Meanwhile, our future selves were returning to this era and creating new stories in those speeding universes, but since time is quite a long measurement, as each universe ended, we could restart the process as many times as we wanted until everything caught up to the present.  It’s kind of what we did with Storyboard XL, waiting until the Time Unit and New Ruyngard had removed all that universe’s inhabitants before transplanting a population of giants into that space.  There are slight, cool differences, but I may drag this on trying to explain them.

    “Either way, a small battalion of the Time Unit had just defeated a wicked man known as the Agent when one of their own was lost in an empty universe.  He was an Infinite Warrior, but he had lost his memory, so in his delusion, he populated that empty storyboard in an attempt to remember who he was.  It was in this place that we Juniper folks took advantage of the situation to make our own neat character, Alfi Joypact.  If you remember the idea behind Aiden Ashley Anderson’s creation being related to video games, Alfi was kind of along those lines.  We were just having fun, as always.  Either way, her simple adventures with her pal Saria soon evolved into a full-fledge time and space mystery that eventually had them uncovering the truth, thus helping their ancestor regain his memories and such.  With this, done, Alfi and Saria were made official TU members and put in charge of their storyboard until it ran its course.  SO, Alfi and Saria got their people to undergo the old ‘Ruyngard Society’ project so that a neighboring empty storyboard would be populated with common descendants to these people.  Exciting, right?”

    Tiffany gives her suggestion, “Have you ever thought about making a Tiffaniverse?”

    What starts as Blufie laughing turns into her slowly leaning over into Tiffany’s face and responding, in utterly astounded amazement, “Fifi, put that on the schedule.”  As this is done, Blufer goes on with her story.  “The Mother Board, why is it called this?  Is it because we’re in the System?  Obviously!  But it’s also because we did things a bit differently this time.  New Ruyngard’s common ancestor was Justine, and she was their queen.  Our common ancestor for this place, however, was made a mini-System Director, allowing her to go from world to world to check on her vast collection of descendants.  In fact, we didn’t stop with one storyboard, but had her kids spread out among ninety-nine different storyboards.  The plan was to retry what we did with the Successors when they changed their appearances and such.  We wanted to make a whole bunch of new people groups like the Ancyro and Ani.  However, even this idea grew old quick.  Nonetheless, those folks were fun and all.  That being said, we come to the end of the Mother Board.  In fact, there’s only one other setup I want to mention us having tried, and it wasn’t even our intension to create it.”

    “What happened?!” asks I.C.

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