“Though she hid it at first, Nathaniel’s wife also had powers, being able to shapeshift.  Since he was the Suit, she was the Change, though she later changed her name to the Wardrobe.  Finally, we have my favorite, the wonderful and sweet and amazing and funny Carla Cole, Princess Populatia.  She could duplicate herself, but only for so long.  In addition to her name referring to her being able to have her own temporary army, she legit teleported to another planet in space, not the experimenting one, where she was popular with all the natives, and thus made their princess.  So then, after the new team had their epic adventure together, tragedy struck when a feline trio appropriately named the Tigers befriended the team, only to betray them and kill Backfire’s wife.  Things only got worse as defeating the new villains also resulted in the Suit dying.  In the end, Backfire married the Wardrobe and moved to Populatia’s planet at her request where the three friends helped Carla’s new society in doing what is right and so forth.  Cool story.”

    Red T giggles, rehearsing, “Backfire married the Wardrobe.”

    Enjoying the chuckle, Blufie gets to what she thinks is the main story, apparently.  “So, as I recall, G2 complained about having a dream about what he considered a new character trying to push herself into the spotlight all spam style.  Well, she wasn’t rude about it, just super zealous.”

    Flipping out this picture from the album does a funny thing to Fifi.  “I…I feel like I know her.”

    “Yeah, get used to that red herring,” quips Blufie, much to Keb’s chagrin.  “Turns out, this kid had the literal superpower of personality.  Though she didn’t realize it, she could influence people to do whatever she wanted from just her mere cheerful, peppy nature.  As if this wasn’t enough, she could even project her image into people’s minds, and this range grew at a terrifyingly quick rate to include all the way into other storyboards.  Adding to her collection of abilities, her projection ability, which included holograms, of course, soon upgraded to more than just holograms.  She was able to transfer her entire being, AKA teleportation.  And the worst part of all this…she knew aaaaaall about the System Guards, because she had a famous branch in her home storyboard.  Being their biggest fan, she was determined to meet AB, and not just any AB.  She wanted to meet the main character.  This wasn’t a big security risk, seeing how we could just let her meet us in the present era, but the System Director was curious to see what this go-getter would do on her own, and he was even more interested in knowing where this child even came from to begin with.

    “As she went from storyboard to storyboard, she realized she couldn’t depend on superpowers alone, so she’d go into a routine of befriending the locals, opening a bank account and coming up with some unnaturally successful business plan to become a multibillionaire, thus making her uuber rich among many storyboards.  On top of this, since she did make some friends who were borderline SG-level savy, she was able to link her bank accounts across universes, making things even more interesting.  She even took extreme military training for a while and acquired a super warrior suit to ensure she could defend herself.  This kid had no limits!

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