Trying to be supportive, Blue shrugs and suggests, “Eh, considering the emptiness between the storyboards is often a blank page, like during the fight between AB and Max, maybe these universes are wrapped in a barrier with physics that kind of act as a cloaking device, though not intentional.  However, if you’re wanting to keep people out of these worlds, making them invisible would be a helpful extra step.”

    Keb likes this answer.  “I’m highly impressed, Meyers.  You’re definitely on this team now.  As Blufie’s superior, I make this decision.  That goes for the rest of you girls.  No, not you, I.C.!  I meant Fifi’s friends.  Oh, don’t start crying.  You can still help, too.”

    “If we’re finished being picky,” Blufie interjects, “I have a lesson to continue.  Now, at first, we settled for simply watching universes we hadn’t been to yet, without even stressing over the super long number names of these domains.  That’s how we got the cool stories of Backfire, several alternative mini-Systems and that captivating Mary Hope Novak.  So then, when I say we encountered mini-Systems, what I am referring to entails two things.  You see, we got to help G2 create new universes, with many of us being given full control on what went into making those universes and stories.  It was so cool!  However, seeing how the virtually infinite depths of imagination are bound to have echoes, we’d occasionally come across universes that were already pre-made mini-Systems.  And in case you’re still confused by this term, let me explain.  You, Fifi, are in a Juniorverse.  When a PAC creates an imaginary universe within their own imagination, that’s a Junior Version.  However, a mini-System is a full universe at our level that smashes all the vastness of the System into one storyboard.  That means there are stories in which the Ultimate Machine won.  All of the multiverse was destroyed.  However, the scope of that destruction was only within that unfortunate realm.  If there is another storyboard in which all of the System was spared of ever having the UM even show up, this wouldn’t affect the one I just mentioned as being destroyed, because it’s a separate storyboard.  Does that make sense, or are you now considering other employment options?”

    Before Fifi’s apprehensions can voice their opinion, one enticing thought puts them all to rest.  “So, if I take this job, I can start creating entire universes?  SWEET!”

    Blufie confirms, adding a silly disclaimer.  “Mind you, we’re just figments of an author’s imaginations doing practical inventory management.  What we do is not supposed to be taken in some weird light, like saying the author expects to have the same creative abilities when he gets to heaven.  The author is never going to become God, and we PACs don’t kid ourselves in claiming our own privileges are ‘godlike.’  I mean, no matter how much I try, I can’t use my powers to plop a bowl of cereal on your desk, real-worlder, so of course, I realize my talents are illusionary.  The scope of our ‘powers’ are simply as vast as any group of computer programs if given the proper resources to act out all given commands.”

    Keb winces at the monologue.  “I think they get the point.  I hope they get the point.  You make us sound like a fleet of robot arms all hurrying about, reaching for this and that to do whatever the System Director tells us to do.  Someone’s bound to be even more confused by your public service announcement, dear.”

    “Well, beans.”  Blufie can’t fight this warning, so she just goes back to her lesson.  “I only wanted to reference Mary Hope and focus more on Backfire, but her very skill set I was going to mention is apparently doing its job, thus I’m changing my priorities.  You’ll see.  Now, Dylan Diffuse was a guy with the power of teleportation, but with one drawback…wherever he left would blow up!  On the day he discovered these powers, he accidentally ended the lives of his family, his high school crush’s family and of several other people before turning himself in to the police.  That poor, poor child!  Well, the officer that dealt with him was very kind and helped him figure out what was going on, and how to control the timing.  This is how he became Backfire!  He spent a few years training as an officer, then as a government agent, before having his heroic adventures.  He married the niece of the big mob boss he defeated and eventually discovered that his teleportation powers were the result of a science experiment gone wrong deep in outer space.  This experiment also created other teleportation-based heroes.  Nathaniel Porter Samuson was an astronaut whose body teleported into his super strong space suit, making him…the Suit.  He could even control his larger robotic add-ons to this.  Cool dude, even if he is kind of hollow.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I couldn’t resist.

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