“Jo,” Kerry scolds, “play nice.  The audience can only handle so many troublemakers at a time.”  This, however, simply causes the crew to count among themselves which of them would even classify as behaving.  I literally just counted myself, remind us that we have eleven people present so far.  What a relaxing day it is for a mother-daughter date!

    While Keb and the others think about anything they might want to apologize to the audience for, or at least clear up in case something from the series needs to be addressed, Blufie takes advantage of the pause and starts the next part of her little history lesson.  “So, before our chat about Lu and Tappac, we were actually talking about the end of the universe.  Didn’t you want to know what we did after everything ended?”

    “Um,” Fifi slowly gives her thoughtful answer, “nothing happened, because it was over?  Are you talking about Juniper or the System that you retired?”  To save her friends from her confused fate, our pal feeds their minds the fast-forward version of everything she’s learned today.  Okay, we’re all caught up!

    “I did say this,” QC confirms, “but just because something has ended doesn’t mean it’s over.  Come on, Assistant Director, what were we all just bragging about our family doing as both a job description and as a leisurely pastime?  Just that, pass time!”

    “I think that was a pun?” says the newbie.

    “It was.”  The boss goes on.  “So, instead of adding more and more to the long history of our multiverse, we simply decided to appreciate what we already had by traveling around the past.  Furthermore, we wanted to avoid running around in circles with hearing the same old stories, and we wanted to evade accidentally undoing some major historical event, so we focused on storyboards not mentioned in the main series.  Of course, even doing this could be iffy unless handled right, so the System Director put up boundaries.  As you recall, the infinite amount of storyboards were reduced to a small handful that were eventually combined into one big universe.  The way the other universes were dealt with was to speed up their timelines and let them end naturally.  Think of this from the opposite direction, and you have a small selection of storyboards with time being drastically slowed down while everyone else was on a normal schedule.  That being said, G2 simply put up a barrier preventing people from the famous universes from crossing over into these side realms.  Of course, even these people ended up in the main storyboard’s Drawing Board via the overall history, assuming you understand how all this time stuff works.  The point is we had the famous portion of the System, and then…we had…the Closed System.”

    Examining this picture, Fifi comments, “I know I like white, but this seems more like empty than closed.”

    Misa agrees with Fifi.  “G2 really needs to up his art game, that’s for sure.”

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