Fifi seconds this sentiment.  “Maybe if we impress Lady Blufie enough, you girls can work with me here.  We’ll be the most amazing team ever!”  Then, turning to her boss, Fi says, “Lady Blue, you know that these girls and I get along so well, it’s almost like we’re the same person.  It’s eerie, ha ha!”

    Blufie looks at the camera.  “Do tell.”

    However, knowing her SG history, particular given her name, Fifi shoots down this self-made theory.  “Yeah, yeah, I know we’re not actually the same person, like Keb back in the day.  I still think it’s cool, though.  So, what are you girls up to, or at least what were you doing before being dragged into this mess?”

    Stretching out, Blue gleefully answers, “Taking the best nap I’ve ever had.  Since I finished yesterday’s three books I checked out from the Information Depot, I figured I’d reward myself with a little snooze.  I did plan on heading back over for more books, but Lady Tiffany summoned me, so here I am.”

    Content with this info, Fifi then looks at Misa.  The redhead gives her report.  “Yes.”

    “Yes?  That’s so you,” chortles Miss Rug.  “Using nano-doubles to read, practice your fighting, play video games and eat all at the same time.  That’s my multitasker!  Okay, Jenny, your turn.”

    Scoffing, Jo asks, “Did you not just introduce me as the warrior?  I’m appalled you had to ask what I was doing while Kerry was sitting nearby, writing poetry.”

    Fi rolls her eyes and shoots back, “I’m not falling for it, Jo Kerr.”

    What Fifi is referring to is the fact that her cut-up cousins like to play on the whole twin thing so much, they not only swap places all the time, but even combine together when on the battlefield.  Of course, this fighting mechanic is a good excuse to add to their height when they do this.

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