“It’s kind of like A.J. and Jaqueline,” Faye concludes.  “AB was recruited to fight the Ultimate Machine.  I was recruited to fight the Ultimate Machine.  Even my baby siblings were recruited to fight the Ultimate Machine.  Of course, I’m speaking from the angle that the end goal was to prepare for stopping my mother in her darker days.  For poor A.J. and Jaqui, their destination in preparation for the big fight was much further back than either of the two had expected, and it was for a very important reason; they just weren’t ready.  It took all the heartaches they endured to prepare them for the moment they would have to help in the epic clash against their own sisters and mother, AND their long trip through time via aging followed the classic ‘training method’ of two siblings working out their troubles together over many years.  AB and Cici did it.  Mama J. and Mama Cat did it.  A.J. and Jaqui are the ones I’m talking about now.  Over and over again, our family is just a time-travel super force!  I’m just glad the mission for Tiffany and me was a much smoother ride.”

    Fifi hugs her mother and says, “It still counts, my hero.”

    “Also,” Blue advises, “don’t leave Aunt Abbie out of the sibling adventure.  She, Grandma Cat and Grandma Ally with like the Three.  Instead of AB, James Scott and A.J., it was Abbie, Cat Sky and Ally J., he he!  Those women are crazy, and I’m glad I’m related to them.”

    The group then has a few more moments of various sentimental things being shared before going into a content ease of conversation.  A silent time of happy reflection persists for a few minutes, but eventually this leads to Blufie’s mind looking to other profound details.  “The Ultimate Machine…heh.  Galarius almost caught it.  The way he would slay his enemies and use their corpses as the bases for his cyborg soldiers isn’t that far off from the Zombies of SUSIE, although those were just clones, and they were alive, ha ha!  Even so, both cases seemed to point to a time when Ultimate Machine candidates would be known for converting their victims into their own army.  And speaking of SUSIE, I think it’s ironic that Victor Grille died thinking he was a traitor for concluding the temptation of a woman was more deadly than Arion Jekel’s chaotics schemes, considering Jekel was the very one who created Destiny Allure in the first place.  Of course, in the end, while all these crooks were trying to find the perfect way to bring down the heroes, they all eventually discovered that nothing can overcome the power of God’s truth, love, kindness and grace when we get out of the way and let Jesus Christ be Himself through us.  So yeah, all our famous siblings that contributed to stopping Jekel’s evil family all succeeded by using the same plan.  They surrendered themselves, including all their strengths and weaknesses to God, and that was the unbeatable plan.  No matter what the villainous wannabes may claim, only God is the ultimate, infinite, true victor.”

    And all those present said, “Amen!”

    Faye’s mind suddenly gets an incoming nano-chat notification.  Deciding to answer, she hears the voice of our mystery caller.  “Hey squirt, what are you up to?”

    “Chillin’ with Fi and not-Gramps.  What are you doin?”  Faye nonchalantly sways her head back and forth a bit while talking to this person.

    They say, “Blufie, huh?  Think I should come crash the party.  I don’t want to mess up Fi’s big day, but it would be kind of cool to see how things are going.”

    Faye chuckles and says, “If you saw the circus going on right now, you’d know your presence surely can’t cause that much more mayhem.”

    “Ha!” the voice says.  “I believe this is a challenge I may accept.”

    As dangerous as this is, Faye can’t resist the entertainment that’s now on its way.  “Just remember who your target is and don’t make things difficult for Fifi.”

    “I’ll behave for the niece,” the voice affirms.  “It’s Gramps we both know we’re after.”

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