Fifi’s educational zeal pauses at her own blunder.  “Oh, snap.”

    Laughing at this, Blu Blu changes her mind, opting to use this as a backup plan of simply threatening to summon the girl if this new assistant gets out of hand.  At the moment, all is fine, so Lu Lu shall stay far away from us all.  Ah, I love that troublesome child!

    Rocking forward and backwards with her hands behind her, Faye asks, “So, what’s next?  Is there more to the story, or shall we discuss more of this new plan of yours?”

    Blufie thinks for a minute.  She then opens a book and casually checks her notes.  She then closes it and lightly bops it against her head a few times.  “I think, eh, we’ll take a few moments to just chill before talking about anything else important.  If anything, it’ll let me ramble off any random bits of info I’ve always wanted to address before going forward.  The first is how silly I think G2 is for using the barbaric method of nanobot dissection and instant re-assemble to teleport people.  As a kid, even he knew about wormhole portals.  All ya gotta do is open a quick portal through space, and there’s your teleportation right there.  Why he eventually forgot this and saw the need to disassemble people’s atoms to digitize is beyond me.  I blame Cici.”

    Keb laughs and raises her hand.  “I blame Cici, too!”

    Faye joins in.  “You always blame Cici.”

    As the group laughs together, Blufie adds, “While we’re talking technology, I was recently thinking about the famous VR Machine glitches that kept plaguing Asteroid Boy and his siblings.  As I look back, there was only one time that thing ever truly glitched, and it wasn’t even a matter of faulty equipment.  The final villain of the Galarian War was a real being from a real alternate storyboard, but Fiona and her pals set things up to look like it was a computer issue to hide the fact of AB’s imaginariness from him.  The other false glitch was Medley using her knowledge of SG stuff and her IW powers to subtly kidnap AB via locking him into a nano-bot double with his body still sitting safely at the base to trick everyone into thinking he was still there.  That means the only genuine glitch was when the computer created Tat, but even that was because the creative nature of AB’s true power was trying awaken much earlier than it was supposed to as he was getting much stronger much more quickly than was calculated.  So yeah, I feel better about that clarification.”

    Keb feels compelled to speak.  “While we are mentioning extra tidbits, I want to say that the reason I chose my adopted mom’s birthday as my own back when I didn’t know my real birthday wasn’t out of mere ‘Oh, let me be like her.’  The Asteroid Twins were born, basically, on Mother’s Day weekend, so they always joked about how they were polite enough to be born on a day when Mom also got a present for all the hard work she put into birthing them.  So, as a kid, I took this logic and thought it would be nice to set my guess of a birthday with hers to add to this considerate sentiment.  So, meh, when all y’all were accusin’ me of being conceited because I wanted to keep celebrating two birthdays, I was only thinkin’ of my mama.  Ha!”

    The group chuckles at this humorous defense while also admiring the sweet origin of Kebbie’s childhood decision.  This, thus, seems like a good time for Fifi to also say wonderful things about her own mother.  “As I’m sure you can tell my favorite color is white, Lady Blufie, that’s actually because of my mommy.  I get the inspiration for the color she chose for her System Sabers.”

    Smiling, Faye admits, “It’s true that I chose that color for the obvious implications of purity and following what’s right, but I also chose that color in reference to Aunt Abbie.  I was so proud of her when I saw her in her armor again, and when she finally got her stars and glowing green hair back, I almost cried.  I actually think I did.”

    Appreciating the adorable reason for her counterpart’s difference in color preference, Blufie references AB’s career.  “Faye, you make me think of when James and AB were finally deemed ready to receive their full System Guard upgrades.  In fact, it was specifically Ant’s decision to give up the new powers he had acquired from some dangerous gems EMJ had discovered, even when faced with the possibility of this decision resulting in the destruction of the universe, that cause HQ to consider him ready to face the Ultimate Machine’s future offer of even greater power.”

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