Faye says, “Since the rest kind of speeds up, I’ll mention crazy Elena and Rowan Scott helping the Lyrene and their neighboring kingdoms fight a weird time-related creature that tried eating everything, after which many of those people decided to move to the future for the fun of it.  This would’ve been a great idea if they hadn’t picked the era right before Porter Williams became the unstoppable Ruin.  Yeah, not the best decision.  Okay, enough gloomy stuff.  Get to Fifi, Fifi!”

    “Pff,” scoffs the daughter, “there’s still gloom and doom, but nice try.  As we all know, Lara and Mark’s descendant known as the Robo-Rogue almost destroyed Storyboard X, and it took most of the IWs giving up their powers to stop this deterioration.  James Pin even died in that catastrophe.  In fact, it was this very power vacuum that allowed the evil Sean Galarius Sr. to begin his assault on the solar system that left everyone within his grip until a certain green superhero was brought here from SBXI.  In fact, Lunar Lu’s plan reached its pinnacle when, long after even Tappac had been destroyed by the Rogue’s nightmarish accident, a small team of survivors were making their plans to recruit their pals in what seemed like a hopeless endeavor of fighting against the Galarians when the System Director himself showed up and was like, ‘Hey, if you want to stop the bad guy, my plan is to abduct you all into another storyboard and leave all your friends and family to fend for themselves.  Now, get in car!’  Of course, the people he chose were Chad and Fiona Kaios, MK Medley, Ally Rice, Tracy Carter…and…um, whatever Tracy’s husband’s name was at the time.  I know he was before the main story, but don’t you think it’s kind of rude we don’t know his name, not even enough to acknowledge Tracy’s married name at the time?”

    Everyone looks at her like, “I’m confused.  What’s the problem?”

    Fifi makes a quick note to research this later and carries on.  “So yeah, the System Director had recently befriended the evil android MK10311, having renamed her Medley, when the two made some other friends.  He eventually got the idea for the System Guards and the creation of our famous leader AB.  He sent this team to Storyboard XI, though Chad and Mr. No-name died before they could accompany the group.  Medley was put in charge, but because G2 did such a horrific job of properly training the poor darling, she couldn’t handle the overwhelming burden and chose to go back to SBX, fighting with her friends there.  We’ll come back to her later, I’m sure.  Either way, Fiona and her remaining two pals eventually became the mentors of the Asteroid Siblings, thus why their picture is above these two paragraphs.  As far as for the other friends the group was going to recruit, many of them were also transported to SBXI, but for sake of giving Fiona aging pun headaches, the System Director sent them ahead in time so that they’d be around AB’s age, making them about 20 years younger than their poor contemporaries.  Oh, don’t worry though; I assure you that Fiona and her two sidekicks have probably used some time-travel prank to get their revenge by now.  That said, I think that covers all of SBX history, as far as Tappac and the untold details leading up to Asteroid Boy demolishing the evil Galarian Empire are concerned.  For that matter, Fiona and Ally’s ‘abandoned family and friends’ turned out to not be so, thanks to SD making sure to time everything just right.  And to think, before we started this lesson, I was afraid she would show up.  I’m actually embarrassed I panicked.”

    With a raised eyebrow, Blufie threatens, “You know I’m calling her over now, right?”

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