“And the rest is history,” says Fifi.  After a few crickets chirp, she clarifies, “You said pillow.  I said rest.  It was…oh, never mind.  Like I was saying,” the girls begin to laugh as Fi speaks, “this particular Ani watched Mr. Science Fighter and figured out that this dude isn’t adding to his power…*gasp* he’s multiplying.”  The others gasp as well.  “So, with this novel thought acquired, the other two Ani start doing the same to their own iu-rating, making the rest of the fight super easy.  The evil monsters surrender and promise to stop stealing the other planets’ lunch money.  Well now, the only thing to do is calm down the would-be hero who has yet to realize what team he’s on.  However, since he was already so ahead of the power-raising game, this will be no easy task.  However, our main Ani character simply figures out by how much his comrade is multiplying and starts to multiply by more, so things aren’t that difficult.  After a quick bop on the noggin, the new friend looks around and says, ‘Hey, this isn’t my locker room.  What happened to that bag of chips the king promised me?’  And thus, after a bag of chips, he was normal again, though still super strong, of course.  The three heroes returned to the Ani planet and taught their friends how to multiply their power instead of just adding.  They were precious souls.”

    Clapping, Blufie asks, “Do you want me to take over, or can you remember the rest?”

    She feels confident in her history, but this is a mother-daughter day, so Fifi lovingly asks Faye to join in.  “Mama, won’t you help me?”

    “Why, of course, my sweet child!”  The warm smile says all-too-well how proud of her girl Faye is.  “You may have guessed that the Ani from Earth who started all of this would one day be the distant ancestor of James Scott himself, but you can see that he and the prince had their quirks.  In fact, it was their hasty decision in awakening Mr. Potato Chips that almost destroyed everything.  You see, the ally planet had been working on a secret last resort weapon of their own, and the recent attack by their only ally was the last straw.  What was this secret weapon?  It was the ancient monster!!!  It was that critter created by VX that was scattered thousands of years ago.  This alien planet had done their research and succeeded in putting it back together.  They didn’t want to, but they felt they had no choice.  They activated it, and it immediately destroyed them all.  Its next target was the Ani, but they were able to defend against it long enough for James to finally notice they existed.  Not only did Jim help, our main Ani of this story figured out yet another math trick.  He started using exponents.  See, kids?  Learn your math.  Well, the monster got desperate and pulled a trick from Zocartra’s book, ironically, given it was fighting James Scott’s ancestor.  It absorbed all the evil people in that storyboard at the time, putting an end to the schemes of Otterhead.  This, however, just made things easier as all the IWs were able to outnumber this creature and destroy it for good this time.”

    Blufie hears her Juniorverse mama telling these events and quietly confesses, “I love you, G2, but these stories really are weird.”  Thanks, Blue One, thanks.

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