“Indeed, ha ha!”  Blufie keeps speaking through her giggles.  “In Storyboard L, Packy Derm’s arch nemesis was the evil Pelican, and this was one of that fiend’s former colleagues before Peli turned on him and shot him clear out of that universe.  Otter now uses his science to find a way back home to take out his old friend.  Mind you, I’m speaking in story mode.  All this was resolved long ago.  Anyway, Buck, Lara, Brian, Don and Brad all rushed to Super Hero HQ to meet James Pin, and it was during their time with him that Buck and Lara Shiloh met AB and his siblings during their childhood field trip.”

    “Good times,” Keb basks, “Good times.”

    The Queen Commander continues, “Ancyro have the ability to copy any ability they see, and James knew this, so he was careful to warn his fellow IWs not to use too much power around them.  However, the Ancyro were lured into a trap where their own loving father had been brainwashed and turned into a cyborg, fused with Willis in fact.  However, during this bitter clash, Buck did a thing.  He looked at the computer console nearby, and between his special power and simply linking to the computer using his own software, he accessed the internet, and with some witty help from James Pin, accessed the Super Hero database to learn how to become an Infinite.  I mean, if Jimmy was so determined to grant Buck the help at this point, he could’ve just given him the upgrade directly, but this was cool, too.  So, the Ancyro all became IWs and turned Shiloh back to a regular human.  However, this was all a ploy.  Otter used this fight to update his newly created Ancyro robot body he made for himself, making the villain an IW…and officially Otterhead, he he!  So, picture this little otter sitting in his comfy chair between the shoulders of his eight-foot robot.  That’s why we call him Otterhead.”

    It is quite funny.

    Fifi asks permission to give her own narrating skills a try, and thus, it’s her turn.  “Hi, audience!  It’s my first official narration!!”  Blufie almost takes over after this blatant rookie move, but she patiently lets the girls continue.  “Now, this battle was only the beginning of a long, bitter rivalry between Buck and the Otter.  At one point, Buck went missing for a while, but as soon as he returned, Lara went missing.  When she returned, she married the new Ancyro named Aaron Mark Williams, as detailed in our earlier comics, thus starting the Ancyro nation.  Mind you, thanks to science and character recreation, it wasn’t difficult to allow the Ancyro to marry humans and such.  I’d think you readers would be familiar with all this by now, so I won’t stress the little stuff.  Besides, Otter’s not the only problem at this time.

    “You see, in space, the Ani were part of a three-planet alliance that went awry when the most powerful of the three abused their physical superiority to dominate the other two.  This led to a war, during which a brave father died while securing a shuttle for his wife and two boys to ride all the way to Earth.  Well, that happened in the midst of last generation’s events with Connector, so I guess James didn’t notice the war in space.  Politics, you know.  Anyway, with the boys grown, the older rushes back to space in blind vengeance, and before his younger brother can arrive in time, the elder gets himself killed, and by a fellow Ani no less!  Though he is not able to save his brother, the younger at least vanquishes the apparent foe, but soon meets the prince of the Ani world, and it’s at this time that it’s learned the brother had simply died in a misunderstanding.  Whoops.  Be more careful, people.”

    I.C. agrees.  “That’s what happens when you go jumping to conclusions.”

    Fifi adjusts her nonexistent glasses and continues.  “The prince tells his new friend that the king has a special Ani warrior who’s been genetically altered to be a secret weapon against the tyrant planet, but he’s still untested.  Well, the two sneak in and awaken him on their own, because that’s totally the responsible thing to do.  This, as you saw coming, goes horribly, with the three engaged in a comically extreme fight that takes them clear into space, landing them on the surface of their ally planet, causing much property damage.  I guess they survived in space by the power of disorganization.  At any rate, this fight kept going until the three Ani found themselves…dun, dun, dun…in the boardroom of the very tyrant aliens themselves.  I told you it was comical.  Either way, the prince and his friend knew they were dead, but Mr. Science Experiment was right at home, taking out several alien monsters at a time.  Now, while the prince was trying not to die, our main Ani hero was very observant.  I.C., care to tell us what the Ani’s special skill was?”

    “Awwwww!” says the honored woman.  “You includededed meeeee!  Yes!  The Ani have the ability to increase their power at will, but if you are several hundred levels up, it will take that poor Ani way too long to reach your level, so just end his misery and hit him with a pillow, or something.  See?  I gave a non-violent solution.”

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