T.J. feels the heat!  “MY PAPA SHOWS UP!!”

    “GO, PAPA!!” cheer the girls.

    “THAT’S MUH MAY-UN!” Eppie adds.

    I.C. echoes, “EPIC!!”

    Nodding triumphantly, Trish states, “When Tappac got back to the 90’s, the slow way, he learned that the guy who’d sacrificed himself against his former teammates actually survived that skirmish, as did his target, and this dude actually succeeded in duplicating his power to form his own team, one of the members being my own daddy, Deon Lemuel Jade!  Go, D.J.!  Of course, thanks to Ultimax, the rest of the System knows him as Green Turcho, but at least you see why I get the color and initials theme for my names.”

    “Same,” adds I.C.

    Eppie goes on, because why not?  “So, as Trishy was saying, Tappac had his IW, James Pin, as well as another he’d empowered named Terry Surret.  Next, he met the aforementioned Siderian named Brian Sims and gave him IW powers.  From this moment on, every other Siderian that is descended from this particular guy is already born an Infinite.  Whoops.  Now, Brian went and formed his own team of Finites, with the famed Kyle Walker and so forth.  Okay, so a bunch of superheroes were popping up left and right, so it was time to take out VX, right?  Oh!  And some of that monster VX made influenced an ancient alien race, and they were the ones who created the Tulian, thus meaning Tappac was inspired by people created by enemies reacting to his creation, making for yet another time loop.  You get how it goes.  Well, VX made a robot named Connector that could instantly produce the weakness of its opponent, but our heroes handled that situation well until Tappac’s two traitor test subjects, the dweebs that killed their partner, used pieces of the ancient monster to make a clone of their murdered buddy.  It fused with Connector, because it apparently liked puns.—You get it?  Fused?  Connector?  That’s a free joke for you, hon.”

    Blufie takes over.  “And now, it’s my turn again.”  Eppie frowns, but Blufie presses on.  “James Pin steps in, like I did just now, and ends the nonsense before it gets out of hand.  There.  Day saved.  Even VX got taken out in the process, though you can thank the treacherous Connector fusion for this.  Now, let’s skip ahead by a generation.”

    “The government liked that Connector guy,” Blufie says.  “Can you imagine a machine that can create any foe’s weakness on the spot?  What if we advanced that idea even further?  What if we could make our own artificial IW’s?  That’s what Dr. Shiloh and Dr. Willis were tasked to create, and they almost succeeded, but as the small group of droids were completed, Shiloh learned that they were being funded by an awful evil not even from this universe, and so, he tried to destroy his own creations.  However, this new boss chased Shiloh to the lab, resulting in the desperate scientist awakening these five new life forms and programming them with two missions: find James Pin…and avoid Otterhead.”

    Everyone laughs at the second part, and Fifi exclaims, “Every time I hear that thing’s name!”

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