Fifi sees this graph and admits, “That’s so cool.  Isn’t that James Pin?  I mean, it says so, making me feel blind now.”

    T.J. confirms this obvious observation.  “I could stress myself trying to pronounce his original name, but let’s not get silly.  After James and his brother made the historic capture of the Gui, our hero was met by Tappac and told of all the trouble so far.  James, after whom James Scott is named by the way, was deemed a man of wisdom and character, thus earning the privilege of being the first recorded IW in all of System history, though some accounts have a technicality for Brian Sims being the first, but I’m not sure how that can be.  Whatever, I’m an athlete, not a historian.  At any rate, James would go on to train with Tappac for the next few thousand years while the other four ancient heroes all did their own things.  You see, the stronger two of these four eventually became borderline villains, but were too afraid of James to act out their ambitions.  The stronger of these two was actually the would-be-kinda’ ancestor of the galaxy where the Suchyrians were from, kinda’.  The other guy was somehow associated with the galaxy the Siderians were from.”

    I.C. sighs, “I’m so glad my poor brain has IW power to help it keep up with all this.”

    Faye resists what she’s thinking.  We love our Faye.

    T.J. keeps going.  “The two ancients that stayed true were actually twins, and they both shared the powers of the Junman.  Mind you, only one of these was the ancestor to the SBX Junman.  The other would advance his powers to that similar to all the energy blasting styles of fighting, like what the Ani and such all use.  So yes, all this happened, AND along the way, Tappac gave IW powers to a girl named Talia, and she became the ancestor of the Lyrene, even though she pulled a Vahnna and left the universe after her husband died, though Talia did it by accident, and thus became the pretty young woman Twila Flair who married Isamu Daiki of Storyboard XI.  Now, I’m sure this means beans to you, but if you remember Hikari Daiki from the end of Food for Thought, then you can know that, whereas in SBVII, her infant niece Sakura Daiki met a tragic early end, Sakura’s SBXI counterpart grew into an adult and is known by the Lyrene of SBX as Aunt Kiki.  This isn’t the most exciting thing, but I think it’s cute.  And, of course, SBVII Sakura Daiki is grown and healthy now, thanks to Drawing Board generosity.”

    Keb is on her third burger.  “So, what happens next?”

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